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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 10th Week Nominated Contestants

Diving Into the Contestants' Engaging Performances and the 10th Week Nominations Drama

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has been a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and entertainment. Contestants have left no stone unturned to keep the audience engaged with their intriguing personalities, clashes, and alliances. However, despite the efforts of the housemates to make this season interesting, the show’s TRP ratings haven’t been as impressive as expected. In this article, we dive into the dynamics of the show, the contributions of key contestants like Shobha Shetty, Priyanka Jain, Sivaji, Amardeep, Arjun, and Pallavi Prashanth, and explore the nominations for the 10th week.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7

The Entertainment Factor: Shobha Shetty, Priyanka Jain, Sivaji, Amardeep, Arjun, and Pallavi Prashanth

Despite the challenges with TRP ratings, the contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 have certainly made their presence felt. Shobha Shetty’s fiery personality, Priyanka Jain’s candidness, Sivaji’s strategic moves, Amardeep’s wit, Arjun’s leadership, and Pallavi Prashanth’s enthusiasm have contributed significantly to the entertainment quotient of the season.

Shobha Shetty, known for her bold and straightforward approach, has been a strong and opinionated contestant. Priyanka Jain’s candidness and relatability have earned her a loyal fan following. Sivaji’s strategic gameplay has kept viewers guessing, while Amardeep’s humor has lightened the atmosphere inside the house. Arjun’s leadership skills and Pallavi Prashanth’s enthusiasm have also left their marks on the season.

BB Telugu 7: 10th Week Nominations

As the season progresses into its 10th week, the excitement within the Bigg Boss house remains high. The housemates continue to deliver engaging content, making it a tough task to predict who might face eviction. Nominations are a crucial aspect of the show, and this week is no different.

10th Week Nominated Contestants

Prince Yawar

As per unconfirmed sources, all these contestants have been nominated. This development sets the stage for a fierce battle, with the audience’s votes determining who will stay and who will leave the house.


Bigg Boss Telugu 7 has undoubtedly been a season filled with drama, entertainment, and unforgettable moments. While TRP ratings have been a cause for concern, the contestants, including Shobha Shetty, Priyanka Jain, Sivaji, Amardeep, Arjun, and Pallavi Prashanth, have delivered top-notch content.

With the 10th week nominations intensifying the competition, the fate of the housemates hangs in the balance. As viewers, our opinions matter, and our votes can make a difference in the journey of the contestants. Stay tuned for more updates, drama, and entertainment from the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 house.

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