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Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Week 10 Nominations and Voting Results

The Tense Showdown: Shivaji, Rathika, Yawar, Bhole, and Gautham on the Chopping Block!

Bigg Boss Telugu 7

Week 10 in the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 house is marked by tension and anticipation. as the nominations roll in, and five contestants find themselves on the chopping block. The showdown this week features Shivaji, Rathika, Yawar, Bhole, and Gautham. It’s a public poll, and the fate of these contestants hangs in the balance. Let’s delve into the nominations and the early voting results to see who’s leading the race to stay in the Bigg Boss house.

The Nominated Contestants:

Bigg Boss Telugu 7

This week’s nominations have a notable twist – among the five nominated contestants, only one is a woman. Shivaji, Rathika, Yawar, Bhole, and Gautham are all in the spotlight. Each hoping to secure their place in the house for another week. The dynamics of the house are set to shift, and the audience’s votes will play a pivotal role in deciding who stays and who goes.

Public Poll: Early Voting Results:

The public poll is already in full swing, and the audience’s engagement is fervent. Here are the early voting results, reflecting the preferences of the viewers as of now:

Sivaji (42%, 2,897 Votes): Sivaji takes the lead with the highest number of votes so far, indicating strong support from the audience.

Rathika (18%, 1,286 Votes): Rathika is holding her ground with a respectable number of votes, showcasing her fan base.

Yawar (15%, 1,076 Votes): Yawar’s position in the voting results suggests that he has garnered significant support from the viewers.

Bhole (13%, 897 Votes): Bhole is trailing slightly behind but remains in contention with a notable number of votes.

Gautham (12%, 817 Votes): Gautham rounds off the nominations with a substantial number of votes, keeping the competition fierce.

These early voting results shed light on the preferences and loyalty of the viewers, but the final outcome remains uncertain. The dynamics within the house can shift rapidly, and the contestants’ actions in the coming days will likely influence the audience’s choices.

Your Voice Matters: Participate in the Poll!

As a dedicated viewer of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, your opinion and support for your favorite contestant can make a difference. If you haven’t cast your vote in the public poll yet, now is the time to make your voice heard. Share the name of the contestant you’re rooting for and join the discussion on social media platforms.


Week 10 in Bigg Boss Telugu 7 promises to be a dramatic and nail-biting experience for both the contestants and the audience. The nominations have set the stage for a fierce battle, with each nominated housemate determined to secure their place in the house.

The early voting results indicate strong support for Sivaji, but the others are not far behind. With Rathika, Yawar, Bhole, and Gautham in the mix, the competition remains wide open. The final outcome will depend on the viewers’ votes and the contestants’ actions in the days to come.

As the tension mounts, stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to cast your vote for your favorite contestant. Let your voice shape the fate of Week 10 in Bigg Boss Telugu 7!

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