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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 92: Nominations Heat Up – Fierce Battles and Shocking Choices

SPA Batch Vs Spy Batch – The Ultimate Showdown as Contestants Battle for Survival

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 92

In the aftermath of Gowtham’s surprising exit, Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 92 house promises more drama, conflicts, and unexpected twists. With Arjun securing a spot in the finals, the remaining contestants engage in a fierce battle during the last nominations of the season. SPA Batch faces off against Spy Batch, leading to explosive confrontations and unexpected choices.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 92

Tile Breaking Nominations Unveiled:

As the housemates gear up for the final nominations, Arjun, already a finalist, is exempt. The atmosphere intensifies as SPA Batch and Spy Batch, the rival groups in the house, take center stage. The nomination task requires contestants to imprint faces on tiles, leading to heated confrontations and bold choices.

Arjun’s Bold Nominations:

Arjun, making strategic moves, nominates Amar and Yawar. He accuses Yawar of intentionally affecting his game by mishandling a key during a task. This sparks a heated exchange, with Yawar vehemently denying any foul play. Despite their brotherly rapport, the clash leaves the housemates and viewers on edge.

SPA Batch Vs Spy Batch: Clash of Titans:

The nomination task becomes a battleground for SPA Batch and Spy Batch, with each group targeting the other. Fueled by rivalry, accusations fly, and tempers flare. The house witnesses a clash of titans as contestants aim to prove the superiority of their alliances.

Amar vs. Prashanth: War of Words:

Amar engages in a war of words with Prashanth, labeling him a safe player who targets those who nominate him. The confrontation escalates, leading to a dramatic moment where Amar threatens to withdraw from the nominations. The clash further accentuates the SPA Batch Vs Spy Batch dynamics.

Priyanka’s Shocking Move:

In a surprising turn of events, Priyanka, known for her unwavering support for Amar and Shobha, nominates Amardeep for the first time in the season. Speculations arise about her strategic gameplay, aiming to project herself as an individual player amid accusations of favoritism.

House Erupts in Fights:

Shobha, Prashanth, Priyanka, and Shivaji become embroiled in intense confrontations. Shivaji accuses Priyanka and Shobha of supporting Amar’s questionable game, emphasizing the need to avoid playing an oversmart game. The house erupts in verbal battles as alliances are tested.

Arjun’s Stand Against Foul Play:

Arjun, frustrated with Amardeep’s consistent foul play, nominates him, expressing his weariness at the repetition of the issue. Despite Amardeep’s assurances to Nagarjuna, Arjun remains firm in his stance, concerned about the impact on the house’s reputation.

What Lies Ahead – Midweek Elimination Buzz:

With everyone except Arjun in the nominations, the voting lines open, adding to the suspense. As viewers cast their votes, rumors circulate about a potential midweek elimination, adding an extra layer of uncertainty to the competition.

Conclusion – Stay Tuned for Updates:

As Day 92 concludes, the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 house remains on edge. SPA Batch and Spy Batch rivalry, shocking nominations, and a looming midweek elimination create an atmosphere of anticipation. Stay tuned for updates as the contestants navigate the unpredictable twists and turns in their quest for the coveted title.

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