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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Day 92 Highlights: Shocking Nominations and Vichitra’s Bold Move

Unveiling the Surprises and Drama in the Latest Episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 7

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Day 92

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Day 92

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Day 92, the house is buzzing with excitement, surprises, and a dose of strategic gameplay. From unexpected nominations to a playful prank, the episode packs a punch. Let’s dive into the highlights of Day 92 and explore the twists that kept the contestants and viewers on their toes.

New Year’s Song and Morning Task:

The day begins with the unique Tamil tradition of broadcasting a song from Kamal Haasan’s bike on English New Year. The catchy New Year’s song, ‘Hoppy… Hoppy…,’ adds a festive touch to the house. However, the atmosphere takes a humorous turn as the song is played in the style of a train coffee seller. The vivacious Bell, known for his energetic mornings, is frozen today, perhaps due to the ear-piercing screams in the song.

The morning task sets a thoughtful tone as Bigg Boss poses a question: “Which of the things you’ve learned here would you like to take abroad?” The responses range from inspiring quotes to cheeky remarks, setting the stage for the day’s events.

Learnings and Reflections:

The contestants share their learnings and reflections from their Bigg Boss journey. Archana praises Dinesh Pro’s resilience, while Vishnu emphasizes the importance of self-love, albeit with a touch of sarcasm. Vichitra’s insight on age not being a barrier sparks a discussion, and Mani expresses how he broke out of his comfort zone, providing valuable advice for introverts.

In another group, Vichitra’s comments on the significance of votes and her strategic thinking create a buzz. The dynamics within the house reflect the diversity of perspectives, leading to interesting conversations.

Separate Men’s and Women’s Teams:

A lighthearted moment arises when Bigg Boss teases the contestants about forming a ‘Small Boss’ house, prompting all the men to stand up. The revelation that only women will stay in the main house adds a comedic twist. However, both houses, it turns out, are equally entertaining, debunking any preconceived notions about gender-related tasks.

The anticipation builds as the contestants excitedly prepare to watch an AV (Audio-Visual) clip, expecting it to be a new movie on TV. The unexpected reveal of the AV being a compilation of daily tasks brings a humorous twist, leaving the contestants amused.

Vishnu’s Chocolate Gift and Last Nomination Twist:

Vishnu, the first finalist, receives a special gift of chocolates with the tagline ‘Eat chocolate, do nothing.’ The announcement of the last nomination of the season takes everyone by surprise, and shock registers on their faces. However, there’s a catch – Vishnu is exempted from nominations.

A playful boxing task unfolds, and gloves are donned by all contestants. As the nominations are about to be revealed, a banner descends with the words ‘Everybody is Knocked Out.’ The prank leaves everyone on the nomination list for the week, except Vishnu.

Kissing Class and Banter:

The episode continues with playful banter and reflections on the relationships between contestants. Mani, Vishnu, and Maya engage in light-hearted teasing, highlighting the ongoing rivalries. Vichitra takes a humorous ‘kissing class,’ adding a playful touch to the atmosphere. However, not everyone is a willing participant, leading to taunts and jests among the contestants.


As the day concludes, the house experiences moments of laughter, camaraderie, and strategic gameplay. The unexpected twists, nominations, and playful pranks keep the atmosphere charged with anticipation. The dynamics within the house continue to evolve, setting the stage for the upcoming episodes.

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