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Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 7 Highlights: Nominations Shake the House

Game-Changing Nominations Shake Bigg Boss OTT 3 House: Chaos and Confrontations Ensue!

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 7 Highlights

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 7 Highlights

The drama in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 continues to escalate with every episode. The Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 7 brought with it a whirlwind of emotions, fierce confrontations, and significant changes in the house dynamics. With Neeraj Goyat’s mid-week eviction still fresh in everyone’s minds, the housemates faced another round of nominations that turned the game on its head. Bigg Boss sacked Sana Sultan and appointed Sai Ketan Rao as the new “Baharwala,” further inciting pandemonium.

Bigg Boss Announces a Twist

The episode began on a relatively calm note, with the housemates waking up to the upbeat song “All is Well.” Ranveer Shorey led a yoga session to help everyone start the day on a positive note. However, the tranquility was short-lived. Bigg Boss sent separate messages to each housemate on their mobile phones, hinting at upcoming twists.

Sana Sultan’s Decision

Sana Sultan, who had the power to cancel the nomination rights of three housemates, made a strategic move. She chose to revoke the nomination rights of Chandrika Dixit, Payal Malik, and Armaan Malik. It was anticipated that Sana’s choice would agitate the house and foster rivalries and alliances.

Tensions Rise Between Vishal and Sai Ketan

Later, a confrontation erupted between Vishal Pandey and Sai Ketan Rao over household chores. Sai Ketan asked Vishal to place the used utensils in the sink after cooking, but Vishal refused, leading to a heated argument. Vishal accused Sai Ketan of being childish, and the disagreement highlighted the brewing tensions within the house.

Payal Malik Opens Up

In an emotional moment, Payal Malik shared her personal story about her husband Armaan’s second marriage. Payal recounted the pain and struggles she faced during that period, including contemplating self-harm. Her candidness moved the housemates and shed light on her resilience and strength.

Sana Maqbool’s Painful Past

Sana Maqbool also opened up about a traumatic experience. She revealed that she had been bitten by a dog on her face, resulting in 121 stitches on her lips. This incident led to a prolonged recovery period and left her emotionally scarred. Sana’s vulnerability touched the housemates and the viewers, highlighting her courage.

The Nomination Process Begins

Bigg Boss summoned Ranveer Shorey to the confession room to discuss his recent behavior. Ranveer expressed regret for a comment he made about Sana Maqbool during a task, unaware of her past trauma. Bigg Boss reassured him that it was unintentional and handed him a letter to read to the housemates.

The Tree of Nominations

Symbolic trees were used in the Bigg Boss house to facilitate the nomination process. The contestants’ voices resounded through the tree, making the nominations public, and each one of them had to nominate two members for eviction. Not less, but no less, Chandrika, Armaan, and Payal could no longer be nominated by other roommates.

Who Nominated Whom?

  1. Deepak Chaurasia nominated Payal Malik and Munish Khatwani.
  2. Munish Khatwani nominated Deepak Chaurasia and Armaan Malik.
  3. Other housemates followed suit, nominating their chosen two with reasons.

Nominated Contestants

  • Armaan Malik
  • Luv Kataria
  • Deepak Chaurasia
  • Payal Malik
  • Sai Ketan Rao
  • Shivani Kumari
  • Sana Sultan

Sana Sultan Fired, Sai Ketan Rao Takes Over

In another surprising twist, Bigg Boss fired Sana Sultan from her role as the ‘Baharwala’ and replaced her with Sai Ketan Rao. Sana was told not to disclose her previous position to the other residents. As the new ‘Baharwala,’ Sai Ketan was assigned to watch over the housemates and make sure everything ran smoothly.

New Responsibilities for Sai Ketan

Sai Ketan’s first task as the ‘Baharwala’ involved monitoring Luv Kataria, whom he dubbed ‘Joker 2.0’ for allegedly mimicking contestants from the previous season. Sai Ketan’s new role added an element of intrigue, as the housemates wondered how his presence would influence the dynamics of the game.

Shivani and Paulami’s Clash

Tensions flared between Shivani Kumari and Paulami Das in a heated argument. Shivani made a disparaging comment about not associating with girls like Paulami, sparking a confrontation. Paulami, hurt by the comment, retaliated by pointing out Shivani’s previous remarks about her appearance. The clash intensified, showcasing the growing friction among the housemates.

Sai Ketan and Armaan Discuss Luv

Meanwhile, Sai Ketan Rao and Armaan Malik shared a candid conversation about Luv Kataria. Sai Ketan expressed his annoyance with Luv’s behavior, likening him to a ‘Joker 2.0.’ The discussion highlighted the strategic thinking and alliances forming within the house.

The Impact of Nominations

The latest round of nominations has significantly impacted the house’s atmosphere. With seven contestants facing eviction. The housemates are more aware than ever of the need to navigate the complex social dynamics and strategize to ensure their survival.

Viewer Engagement and Speculation

Outside the house, viewers are eagerly following the developments. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions and speculations about the nominated contestants. Fans are analyzing every move and forming their opinions about who should stay and who should go.

What to Expect Next

The upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode promises to be an intense and emotional affair. Hosted by Anil Kapoor, the episode will reveal the fate of the nominated contestants. As the housemates prepare for the eviction, viewers can expect dramatic confrontations, heartfelt pleas, and surprising twists.

Armaan Malik’s Strategy

Armaan Malik, a strong contender, will likely use his charm and strategic acumen to rally support. His interactions with other housemates and ability to navigate the complex social dynamics will be crucial in determining his fate.

Sana Sultan’s Tactics

Sana Sultan, now facing eviction, will need to leverage her alliances and strategic thinking to stay in the game. She’s a controversial character whose next actions will be widely monitored due to her daring moves and combative approach.


Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 7 has once again demonstrated the show’s ability to captivate audiences with its blend of drama, strategy, and emotional moments. With seven contestants nominated for eviction and significant changes in the house dynamics, the stakes are higher than ever. As the housemates navigate the challenges and viewers eagerly await the next twist, Bigg Boss OTT continues to deliver riveting entertainment.

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