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Firoz Khan: From Acting Debut to Reality TV Stardom – An Inspiring Journey in the Malayalam Entertainment Industry

Firoz Khan: A Journey Through the Malayalam Entertainment Industry

Firoz Khan


Firoz Khan is a versatile figure in the Malayalam film industry, known for his roles as an actor, director, TV show host, and reality TV star. His journey from humble beginnings in Kollam, Kerala, to becoming a recognized name in the entertainment world is inspiring. This blog explores Firoz Khan’s life, career, and achievements, highlighting his contributions to the Malayalam film and television industry.

Early Life and Background

Firoz Khan was born and raised in Kollam, Kerala. From a young age, he harbored dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. To pursue his aspirations, Firoz moved to Ernakulam, Kerala, where he began his journey in the world of acting and directing. His initial days were marked by hard work and determination as he sought opportunities to showcase his talent.

Entry into the Entertainment Industry

Firoz Khan started his career working behind the scenes as an assistant director for various TV shows. This role provided him with valuable insights into the intricacies of television production and direction, setting a solid foundation for his future endeavors in the industry.

Acting Debut

Firoz made his acting debut in the film “Face 2 Face” (2012), where he starred alongside the renowned Indian actor Mammootty. This debut marked a significant milestone in his career, as working with a stalwart like Mammootty brought him into the spotlight and opened up more opportunities in the film industry.

Versatility in Acting

Apart from his work in Malayalam films, Firoz expanded his horizons by acting in a Kannada movie, showcasing his versatility as an actor. His ability to adapt to different roles and languages has been a testament to his dedication and talent in the field of acting.

Television Career

Firoz Khan’s charm and engaging personality made him a popular TV show host. He gained widespread recognition after hosting the show “Dangerous Boys,” which aired on Asianet Plus. His stint as a host showcased his ability to connect with audiences, further solidifying his position in the entertainment industry.

Reality TV Success

Firoz’s success was not limited to acting and hosting. He also excelled in reality television, winning the popular dance reality show “Thillana Thillana” on Sun TV. In 2020, he participated in the dance reality show “SuryaJodi No:1” with his wife, Sajina, as his dance partner. Their performances on the show were well-received, highlighting their chemistry and talent as a couple.

Personal Life and Marriage

Firoz Khan’s personal life has been as eventful as his professional one. He is married to Sajina, his second wife, who he has supported in pursuing her dreams of becoming an actress. Sajina, with Firoz’s encouragement, has made a mark in the Malayalam television industry with roles in popular soap operas like “Anna Kareena,” “Sumangali Bhava,” and “Chackoyum Maryum.”

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

In February 2021, Firoz and Sajina participated in the game reality TV show “Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3.” Their entry into the show was historic, as they became the first real-life couple to participate in the Malayalam version of Bigg Boss. Their presence on the show added a unique dynamic, capturing the attention of viewers and creating memorable moments throughout the season.

Judge and Mentor

Firoz Khan’s experience and expertise in the entertainment industry have made him a sought-after judge and mentor for talent shows and competitions. His keen eye for talent and constructive feedback have helped nurture new talent, contributing to the growth of the industry.

DJing and Music

In addition to his roles in acting, directing, and hosting, Firoz Khan has also made a name for himself as a disc jockey. He performs at various concerts, adding another dimension to his multifaceted career. His ability to entertain and engage audiences through music has further showcased his versatility and passion for the entertainment industry.


Firoz Khan’s journey through the Malayalam entertainment industry is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and talent. From his early days as an assistant director to becoming a celebrated actor, TV host, and reality TV star, Firoz has continuously evolved and adapted to the changing dynamics of the industry. His contributions have left a lasting impact, and his story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and entertainers.

Firoz Khan’s partnership with his wife, Sajina, both professionally and personally, has been a remarkable aspect of his journey. Together, they have created memorable performances and moments, particularly in reality shows like Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3. As Firoz continues to explore new avenues in his career, his legacy in the Malayalam entertainment industry is sure to endure.

Name: Firoz Khan

Other Name: Firoz

Evicted: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 – Ejected Day 58

Season Host: Mohanlal

Network: Asianet 

Number of Days: 95

Number of Contestants: 18

Premier Date: 14 February – 20 May 2021

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): February 10

Birth Place: Kollam, Kerala, India

Settled Place: Kollam, Kerala, India

Profession/Occupation: Actor, TV Show Host




Spouse: Sajna Firoz

Children: Rowus (Son) 





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