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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Contestants Arya Badai Biography

Arya Badai: The Dynamic Entertainer Lighting Up Malayalam TV and Cinema

Arya Badai: The Multi-Talented Star of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2

Arya Badai

Arya Babu, popularly known by her stage name Arya Badai, is an Indian actress, comedian, model, and television presenter who has made significant contributions to the Malayalam film and television industry. Known for her comedic talent and vibrant screen presence, Arya has carved a niche for herself, especially through her performance in the comedy show Badai Bungalow. Her journey through the entertainment industry and her participation in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 has garnered her a substantial fan base. Let’s take a closer look at her life, career, and achievements.

Early Life and Background

Born and raised in Trivandrum, Kerala, Arya hails from a modest background. She completed her schooling at the prestigious Holy Angel’s Convent in Trivandrum. From a young age, Arya displayed a keen interest in performing arts, particularly dance. She trained in various dance forms, including Western, cinematic, and semi-classical styles, which later complemented her acting and modeling career.

Career Beginnings

Arya’s foray into the entertainment industry began during her higher secondary studies when she landed a role in the television series Officer on Amrita TV. This early exposure to acting, though brief, planted the seeds for her future in the entertainment industry. After her initial stint in television, Arya took a break to focus on her personal life, including marriage.

Encouraged by her sister-in-law, Kalpana Susheelan, who was a model, Arya ventured into modeling. She quickly made a mark by working on commercials for leading brands such as Chennai Silks and Chemmanur Jewellers. Her entry into the Tamil television industry came with the soap opera Maharani (2009-2011), a remake of the Malayalam serial Ente Manasaputhri.

Rise to Fame

After a maternity break of two years, Arya returned to television with a string of roles in popular Malayalam serials such as Mohakkadal, Achante Makkal, and Ardram. Her career took a significant turn when she participated in the reality television series Stars on Asianet, where her performance in a spoof of the film Njan Gandharvan was highly appreciated. This led to her being cast in Badai Bungalow (2013-2018), a comedy show that became a major turning point in her career.

In Badai Bungalow, Arya portrayed a character named Arya, Ramesh Pisharody’s wife, and her comedic timing and charisma made her a household name. Alongside this, she played the role of Pooja, a bold and outspoken daughter-in-law in the serial Sthreedhanam on Asianet, further solidifying her reputation as a versatile actress.

Transition to Hosting and Films

While continuing her work in television, Arya expanded her horizons by hosting a variety of shows. She hosted a cookery show, various award nights, and reality shows, including the musical game show Start Music Aaradhyam Paadum on Asianet, which she hosted across multiple seasons from 2019 to 2022. Her charm and wit as a host earned her accolades and a loyal audience.

Arya also transitioned to films, appearing in a number of Malayalam movies. Her filmography includes notable films like Lailaa O Lailaa (2015), Kunjiramayanam (2015), Pa Va (2016), Pretham (2016), Thoppil Joppan (2016), and Alamara (2017). She continued to take on diverse roles, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2

In 2020, Arya participated in the second season of the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss Malayalam, hosted by the legendary actor Mohanlal. Her time in the Bigg Boss house brought her immense visibility and further cemented her status as a beloved public figure. Arya’s presence in the house was marked by her candid nature and her ability to connect with both fellow contestants and the audience.

Personal Life

Arya’s personal life has been as dynamic as her professional career. She married Rohit Susheelan, an IT engineer and the brother of television actress Archana Suseelan. The couple has a daughter named Roya. In 2018, Arya opened a boutique named Aroya in Vazhuthacaud, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

In January 2019, Arya revealed that she was living separately from her husband, focusing on raising her daughter. Despite personal challenges, Arya has remained resilient and continued to thrive in her professional endeavors.



  • Fiddle (2010) – Album Actress (Special appearance)
  • Lailaa O Lailaa (2015) – Deccan Exports Receptionist
  • Oru Second Class Yathra (2015) – Young Lady in the Train
  • Kunjiramayanam (2015) – Mallika
  • Pa Va (2016) – Sister Emily
  • Pretham (2016) – Shalini (Cameo appearance)
  • Thoppil Joppan (2016) – Joppan’s Fiancée (Nurse) (Cameo)
  • Alamara (2017) – Suvin’s Proposed Lady (Cameo)
  • Honey Bee 2: Celebrations (2017) – Sara Pereira
  • Adventures of Omanakuttan (2017) – Sumathi (Cameo)
  • Punyalan Private Limited (2017) – Golda
  • Sukhamano Daveede (2018) – Dona
  • Ganagandharvan (2019) – Sanitha
  • Ulta (2019)
  • Uriyadi (2020) – Shiny Matthew
  • Meppadiyan (2022) – Annie
  • In (2022) – Sreeba
  • Two Men (2022) – Jaseena
  • 90:00 Minutes (2023) – Ancy
  • Enthada Saji (2023) – Mini
  • Queen Elizabeth (2023) – Sangeeta

Television Journey

Arya Babu, widely recognized by her stage name Arya Badai, has had a prolific career in the Malayalam television industry. From her early days in television to her latest ventures, she has shown remarkable versatility and talent. Below is a comprehensive look at her extensive television career:

Arya Badai: A Comprehensive Look at Her Television Journey

Arya Badai has made a remarkable impact on Malayalam television through her diverse roles as an actress, comedian, host, and participant. Here’s an in-depth look at her extensive television career.

Early Career


  • Man (DD Malayalam) – Herself


  • Officer (Amrita TV) – Uncredited (Debut)
  • Ente Manasaputhri (Asianet) – Kareena


  • Rainbow (Kairali TV) – Host


  • Maharani (Star Vijay) – Suja (Tamil TV series)


  • Kunjiyammakku Anchu Makkalane (Amrita TV) – Aruna


  • Swapnakoodu Season 2 (ACV) – Host
  • Hit Bazar (Asianet) – Host

Rising Popularity


  • Chandralekha – Varsha
  • Achante Makkal (Surya TV) – Sherin
  • Nakshathradeepangal (Kairali TV) – Herself as Participant


  • Nilapakshi – Akhila


  • Pathinu Pathu (Surya TV) – Pooja
  • Pennu Pidicha Pulival (Asianet) – Telefilm
  • Sthreedhanam (Asianet) – Pooja Prasad
  • Ardram – Malavika
  • Munch Stars – Herself as Contestant (Reality TV show)


  • Badai Bungalow (Asianet) – Arya (Comedy talk show)


  • Mohakkadal (Surya TV) – Ananthu’s wife
  • Sarayu – Vasudha


  • Ishtam – Pooja Karthik


  • Kenal Sasiude Onam (Asianet) – Telefilm


  • Kana Kanmani (Asianet) – Sarayu Manu
  • Action Zero Shiju (Kairali TV) – Kanchana Dineshan
  • Sell Me the Answer (Asianet) – Herself as Participant

Establishing Herself


  • Chill Bowl (Asianet) – Host (Cookery show)
  • Taste Time – Host (Cookery show)
  • Tamaar Pataar (Flowers TV) – Cameo (Title song presence)
  • Yuva Awards (Asianet) – Host (Award night)


  • Melam Marakkatha Swadh (Flowers TV) – Host (Reality TV show)


  • Kitex Flowers Music Awards – Host (Award night)
  • Vanitha Film Awards (Mazhavil Manorama) – Host (Award night)
  • Nakshtrathilakkam – Host (Chat show)
  • Ammamazhavillu – Host (Stage show)
  • Lalitham 50 – Performer (Special show)
  • Annie’s Kitchen (Amrita TV) – Guest (Chat show)
  • Day With a Star (Kaumudy TV) – Guest (Interview)
  • JB Junction (Kairali TV) – Guest (Interview)
  • Bharya (Asianet) – Kadambari Krishnaprasad (Photo presence)


  • Thakarppan Comedy Mimicry Mahamela (Mazhavil Manorama) – Host (Comedy Show)
  • Thamasha Bazaar (Zee Keralam) – Rejani / Jenifer (Comedy talk show)

Continued Success


  • Little Star – Jury (Event)


  • Badai Bungalow (Season 2) (Asianet) – Arya (Comedy talk show)
  • Start Music Aaradhyam Paadum – Host (Reality TV show)


  • Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 (Asianet) – Herself as Contestant (Reality TV series)


  • Priyappetta Naattukkare (Amrita TV) – Host
  • Comedy Stars Season 2 (Asianet) – Judge
  • Start Music Season 2 – Host


  • Christmas Thaaramelam – Host
  • Sruthi Star Singer – Various roles (Special appearance in Skit)


  • Boom Rang Village (YouTube) – Jefry (Web series)
  • Boeing Boeing – Angel Rodriguez (Web Series)
  • Vishu Dhamaka (Asianet) – Host
  • Onam Mamankam – Host
  • Aram+Aram=Kinnaram (Surya TV) – Co-Host
  • Tharapakittu (Kaumudy TV) – Guest
  • Welcome 2021 (Kairali TV) – Herself
  • Valkkanadi (Asianet) – Host


  • Velivillakunnu Police Station (YouTube) – SI Draupadi (Web series)
  • Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam (Zee Keralam) – Herself
  • Bzinga – Participant (Game show)
  • Jayettan’s Pooram (Amrita TV) – Host (Vishu special show)
  • Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 (Asianet) – Co-host (For Birthday special episode of Mohanlal)
  • Start Music Aaradhyam Paadum Season 4 (Asianet) – Host


  • Flowers Oru Kodi (Flowers) – Participant
  • Funs Upon a Time (Amrita TV) – Mentor
  • Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 (Asianet) – Co-host (For Birthday special episode of Mohanlal)
  • Start Music Aaradhyam Paadum Season 5 (Asianet) – Host
  • Abhishag (YouTube) – Durga (Short film)


Arya Badai’s journey from a young girl in Trivandrum to a celebrated actress, comedian, and television presenter is nothing short of inspiring. Her versatility and dedication to her craft have earned her a special place in the hearts of Malayalam audiences. As she continues to explore new avenues in her career, Arya remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, known for her talent, resilience, and vibrant personality.

Name: Arya Badai

Other Name: Arya Satheesh Babu, Arya Babu, Arya Rohit, Arya

Evicted: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 – Sent Home Day 75

Season Host: Mohanlal

Network: Asianet 

Number of Days: 75

Number of Contestants: 22

Premier Date: 5 January – 20 March 2020

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): September 13, 1990

Birth Place: Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Settled Place: Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Profession/Occupation: Actress, Model, Television Presenter, Entrepreneur

Education: Graduate

Parents: Satheesh Babu (Father), Prema Satheesh Babu (Mother)


Spouse: Rohit Susheelan

Children: Roya (Daughter) 





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