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Bigg Boss Kannada Season Host Sudeepa

Explore the Life and Journey of Sudeepa, the Host of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9

Sudeepa – The Versatile and Charismatic Actor of Kannada Cinema

Sudeepa, born on September 2, 1971, is a celebrated Indian actor who has left an indelible mark on the Kannada film industry. With his versatile acting prowess and charismatic presence, he has earned a loyal fan base and garnered widespread acclaim for his performances.

Early Life and Acting Career:

His passion for acting ignited during his early years. After completing his education, he pursued his dreams in the film industry. With dedication and hard work, he carved a niche for himself in Kannada cinema.

Breakthrough in the Film Industry

Sudeepa’s breakthrough came with the movie “Sparsha,” where his stellar performance earned him critical acclaim. From there, he went on to deliver several memorable performances, captivating audiences with his acting skills.

Versatility and Range in Roles:

Known for his versatility, Sudeepa effortlessly transitions between various roles, be it intense characters, romantic leads, or powerful antagonists. He is a sought-after actor in the business thanks to his capacity to fully engross himself in a variety of personalities..

Box Office Successes:

Sudeepa’s contributions to the Kannada film industry have resulted in numerous box office hits. His films have enjoyed commercial success, solidifying his position as one of the industry’s leading stars.

Recognition Beyond Kannada Cinema

While Sudeepa is a prominent figure in Kannada cinema, his talent has also gained recognition in other film industries. He has acted in various regional and Bollywood films, expanding his fan base across India.

Multifaceted Persona:

Apart from acting, Sudeepa is a multifaceted individual. He is a skilled playback singer and a proficient director, showcasing his creativity and passion for various aspects of filmmaking.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 Host:

In addition to his illustrious acting career, Sudeepa’s charming personality and strong presence led him to become the host of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9. As the show’s host, he brought his own flair and charisma to engage the viewers.

Inspirational Figure:

Sudeepa’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned actor serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists. His dedication to his craft and ability to excel in various roles make him an epitome of success in the entertainment industry.

Sudeepa’s outstanding contributions to Kannada cinema and his magnetic on-screen presence have made him an icon in the industry. With a successful career spanning decades, he continues to enthrall audiences and remains a beloved figure among movie enthusiasts.

bigg-boss-kannada-season-9-hostsudeepaName: Sudeep Sanjeev

Network: Colors TV

Host Number of Days Premier Date Finale Date Number of Housemates
Season 1 98 24 March 30 June 2013 15
Season 2 98 29 June 5 October 2014 15
Season 3 112 25 October 2015 31 January 2016 18
Season 4 112 9 October 2016 5 February 2017 18
Season 5 105 15 October 2017 28 January 2018 19
Season 6 98 21 October 2018 27 January 2019 20
Season 7 112 13 October 2019 2 February 2020 20
Season 8 70 28 February 2021 9 May 2021 20
Bigg Boss 8 Second Innings 47 23 June 2021 8 August 2021 12
Season 9 98 24 September 2022 31 December 2022 18
Bigg Boss Mini Season 6 14 August 2021 5 September 2021 15
Bigg Boss OTT 42 6 August 2022 16 September 2022 16
Season 10 112 8 October 2023 28 January 2024 21

Real Name: Sudeep Sanjeev

Other Names: Kichcha Sudeep

Date of Birth (DOB): September 2, 1971

Birth Place:  Shimoga, Mysore State ,  India

Settled Place: Karnataka, India

Education: He earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and production engineering from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Parents:  Sarovar Sanjeev Manjappa (Father), and  Saroja Sanjeev (Mother)


Spouse: Priya Radhakrishna

Marriage Date: 18 October 2001

Children:  Saanvi Sudeep (Daughter)

Children Date Of Birth: 2004






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