Hindi Bigg Boss OTT Season 3

Bigg Boss Hindi OTT 3 2nd Week Voting Results: Who’s in Danger?

High Stakes in Bigg Boss OTT 3: Who Will Be Evicted This Week?

Bigg Boss Hindi OTT 3 2nd Week Voting Results

Bigg Boss Hindi OTT 3 2nd Week Voting Results

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Hindi has kicked off with a bang, starting on June 21, 2023. The reality show, hosted on JioCinema, has been captivating audiences with its drama, strategies, and controversies. With 16 contestants currently in the house, the competition is fierce as they vie for the top spot. This week, six contestants face the threat of elimination, and the voting results will determine who stays and who goes. Let’s dive into the details of the nominated contestants and the latest voting results.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Hindi: Overview

  • Show: Bigg Boss Hindi OTT
  • Season: 3
  • Language: Hindi
  • OTT Platform: JioCinema
  • Timings: 24 Hours Live on JioCinema
  • Contestants: 16 as of now

Bigg Boss Hindi OTT 3 2nd Week Nominated Contestants

The second week of Bigg Boss OTT 3 Hindi has been intense, with the following contestants nominated for eviction:

  • Chandrika Dixit
  • Naezy
  • Poulomi Das
  • Shivani Kumari
  • Vishal Pandey
  • Munisha Khatwani

These contestants have had to navigate through various challenges and tasks, as well as interpersonal conflicts, to secure their place in the house. However, only the viewers’ votes can save them from elimination.

Bigg Boss Hindi OTT 3 2nd Week Voting Results

As of now, the voting results show a clear indication of who might be in danger this week. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Chandrika: 5% (20 votes)
  • Munisha: 2% (10 votes)
  • Naezy: 30% (114 votes)
  • Poulomi: 3% (14 votes)
  • Shivani: 43% (164 votes)
  • Vishal: 14% (55 votes)

Inside the House: Strategies and Alliances

The dynamics inside the Bigg Boss house are constantly evolving, with alliances forming and breaking based on the circumstances. Here’s a look at some of the key strategies and alliances at play this week:

Strategic Alliances

  1. Sai Ketan Rao and Sana Sultan: This duo has formed a strong alliance, often seen strategizing together. Sai’s sacrifice to save Sana in the previous week has solidified their bond.
  2. Armaan Malik and Kritika Malik: With Payal Malik’s elimination, Armaan and Kritika are relying on each other for support. Their shared goal is to stay united and navigate the game together.
  3. Ranvir Shorey and Shivani Kumari: Ranvir and Shivani have been seen working together on several tasks. Their combined strengths make them a formidable team in the house.

Conflicts and Confrontations

  1. Chandrika vs. Naezy: Chandrika and Naezy have had several confrontations, mainly due to their differing personalities. Chandrika’s straightforwardness clashes with Naezy’s laid-back attitude, leading to frequent disagreements.
  2. Vishal vs. Poulomi: Vishal and Poulomi have been at odds over task strategies. Their differing approaches have caused friction, making their alliance unstable.
  3. Munisha’s Emotional Outbursts: Munisha’s emotional breakdowns have caused concern among housemates, leading to a lack of trust. Her inability to control her emotions is perceived as a weakness by others.

Viewer Engagement and Social Media Buzz

Bigg Boss OTT 3 has managed to keep the audience hooked with its 24-hour live streaming on JioCinema. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions about the contestants and their gameplay. Fans are actively voting and campaigning for their favorite contestants, making the competition even more intense.

Predictions and Speculations

Based on the current voting results and the dynamics inside the house, it seems likely that Naezy and Shivani will be safe this week. However, Munisha and Poulomi are in the most danger due to their lack of votes. Chandrika and Vishal also need to rally more support to secure their positions.


Bigg Boss OTT 3 Hindi continues to deliver high-voltage entertainment with its mix of drama, strategy, and emotional moments. The week 2 nominations have set the stage for an intense battle among the contestants. As the voting results reveal who’s in danger, the housemates will have to navigate their way through alliances and conflicts to survive. Stay tuned to Bigg Boss OTT 3 on JioCinema to catch all the action and find out who will be evicted this week.

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