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Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 101 Promo: Shocking Twist as Vicky Jain’s Journey Ends, Outcry Over Alleged Game-Playing for Ankita”

In a surprising turn, Vicky Jain faces eviction in the latest 'Bigg Boss 17' twist. Outraged viewers claim game manipulation for Ankita Lokhande's benefit. The top 5 finalists emerge amidst controversy!

Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 101 Promo

Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 101 Promo

The Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 101 Promo rollercoaster takes an unexpected. Unveils a shocking twist – Vicky Jain’s journey is reportedly coming to an end. The elimination sparks a flurry of emotions, with viewers expressing outrage and alleging game manipulation in favor of Ankita Lokhande. As the drama unfolds, we delve into the controversy surrounding the final evictions and viewers’ intense reactions.

Vicky Jain’s Unexpected Exit: The Final Blow:

The anticipation builds as the final eviction of ‘Bigg Boss 17’ approaches. In a surprising turn, Vicky Jain, husband to Ankita Lokhande, is speculated to bid farewell to the house. The unexpected exit leaves viewers in disbelief, questioning the fairness of the decision.

Controversy Surrounding Top 5 Finalists: Arun’s Presence Stirs Disbelief:

With the top 5 finalists about to be unveiled, viewers express shock and disbelief at the inclusion of Arun. The unexpected turn of events raises eyebrows, with many questioning the credibility of Arun’s presence in the final leg of the competition.

Bigg Boss’s Decisive Moment: The Final Bet:

In the promo, the host declares, “We have spent 100 days together. I had said on the very first day that I will be biased towards whatever is good for my show.” The statement sets the stage for the final bet, revealing the chosen 6 contestants deemed “good for the show.” As the tension mounts, the moment of decision arrives, leaving the family members shocked at the impending eviction.

Viewers React: Outcry Over Vicky’s Elimination:

As the news of Vicky Jain’s potential exit spreads, viewers flood social media with their reactions. Many express shock, asserting that Vicky deserves a spot in the top 5 and even deeming him worthy of winning. Outraged comments question the fairness of Arun’s inclusion, labeling it as the show’s biggest joke.

Allegations of Game-Playing for Ankita’s Benefit: Viewers Speak Out:

Amidst the uproar, viewers allege strategic game-playing to boost Ankita Lokhande’s vote bank. Speculations circulate that Vicky’s eviction is a calculated move by ‘Bigg Boss’ to favor Ankita. Some viewers claim the decision is part of a larger game plan to ensure Ankita’s progression in the competition.

Ankita’s Votes in Question: Impact on the Game Dynamics:

Speculations arise regarding the potential impact of Vicky’s eviction on Ankita’s vote count. Some assert that Ankita might have lost a significant portion of her votes, leading to accusations that ‘Bigg Boss’ strategically manipulated the game.

Viewer Reactions: Vicky Deserves Top 5 – Outrage Over Arun’s Inclusion:

Outraged viewers take to social media platforms to express their discontent. Comments flood in, stating that Vicky deserves a spot in the top 5 and questioning the credibility of Arun’s presence. The alleged unfairness of the elimination process becomes a focal point of the controversy.

Conclusion: Unraveling the ‘Bigg Boss 17’ Controversy:

Day 101 of ‘Bigg Boss 17’ thrusts the show into a storm of controversy with Vicky Jain‘s shocking elimination. The allegations of game manipulation for Ankita Lokhande’s benefit add an extra layer of complexity to the already intense reality show. As the drama unfolds, viewers brace themselves for the final leg of the competition and the revelation of the top 5 finalists.

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