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Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 100 Highlights: Media Grills Contestants, Ankita Faces Sushant Questions, Munawwar Faces Allegations

As 'Bigg Boss 17' enters its final stretch, the heat rises with sharp questions from the media. From Ankita's Sushant revelations to Munawwar's responses, catch the dramatic highlights of Day 100!

Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 100 Highlights

Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 100 Highlights

As ‘Bigg Boss 17’ edges closer to its grand finale, the intensity within the house reaches new heights. Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 100 Highlights becomes a milestone marked by a media cross-examination that puts the contestants under the spotlight. From Ankita Lokhande’s revelations about Sushant Singh Rajput to Munawwar Faruqui’s defense against serious allegations, let’s dissect the dramatic highlights that unfolded in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

Media Grilling Unleashed: Highlights from Day 100:

A confrontation seemed imminent as reporters broke inside the ‘Bigg Boss 17′ mansion. Armed with pointed questions that targeted the core of the contestants’ strategies and relationships. Monday’s episode became a battleground where truths were unveiled and contestants faced the music.

Mannara and Ankita’s Budding Friendship:

Surprisingly, amidst the tension, Mannara and Ankita seemed to be forming a bond. Munawwar hints at their camaraderie, observing them engaging in cheerful conversations in the bedroom area. Ankita, in a candid moment, reveals her desires and what she finds lacking in her relationship with Vicky.

Scripted or Real? Ankita and Vicky’s Fight Under Scrutiny:

The media wastes no time delving into the controversies, asking the burning question – Was Ankita and Vicky’s highly-publicized fight scripted? Ankita dismisses the claim, asserting that planning is Abhishek’s domain. Vicky counters, emphasizing that conflicts are part of any relationship and authenticity lies in their imperfections.

Munawwar’s Worthiness as the Winner Questioned:

Allegations fly as Munawwar faces scrutiny over his worthiness to be the winner. It draws attention to Ankita’s misgivings about his talents. To which Munawwar responds with confidence, stating that time will reveal his deserving victory once the bitterness fades.

Friendship Claims Tested: Mannara and Ankita on the Hot Seat:

The media turns the spotlight on Mannara and Ankita, questioning their friendship claims. Ankita defends her stance, revealing the strain in Mannara’s relationships with others, accusing her of using Vicky to provoke. Mannara counters, expressing gratitude for Vicky’s support during challenging times.

Abhishek and Munavvar’s Mutual Support:

Abhishek is asked about the reciprocity of support between him and Munavvar. Recognizing Munavvar’s previous assistance, Abhishek promises to be loyal in return. The dynamics of their friendship are under scrutiny.

Serious Allegations Against Mannara: Character Attacks and Victim Playing:

Mannara faces serious allegations of character attacks against fellow contestants, accusations of playing the victim, and manipulation of sensitive topics like Munavvar’s marriage. Mannara issues a response, expressing regret if her actions were misconstrued.

Munavvar’s Infamy and Mannara’s Alleged Manipulation:

Munavvar confesses to the embarrassment of the infamy attached to his ‘Bigg Boss’ journey. Mannara addresses questions about her alleged manipulation of situations and her reliance on Munavvar’s support.

Contestants’ Personal Lives Exposed: Abhishek Under Fire:

Abhishek faces accusations of going personal despite preaching against it. The revelation of private conversations and discussions about contestants’ mental health becomes a contentious topic.

Vicky Jain’s Apology and Reflection:

In a poignant moment, Vicky Jain takes responsibility for his actions, apologizing to Ankita for his behavior. Reflecting on the journey, he acknowledges his shortcomings and vows to rectify the strained relationship.

Ankita’s Hypocrisy and PR Strategies Exposed:

Ankita faces accusations of hypocrisy regarding her PR team’s alleged refusal of TV appearances. Ankita clarifies her stance, emphasizing her roots in television and extending an apology if her team’s decisions conveyed a different message.

Ankita’s Use of Sushant’s Name Examined:

Ankita is questioned about leveraging Sushant Singh Rajput’s name in her conversations. Ankita defends her actions, expressing pride in speaking about Sushant on a platform that allows her to share positive aspects of his personality.

Vicky and Ankita Accused of Fame Exploitation:

Vicky Jain is accused of utilizing Ankita’s celebrity for personal advantage, which is a grave accusation.. Ankita vehemently denies the claims, expressing gratitude for Vicky’s unparalleled support.

Mannara’s Regret and Vicky’s Defense:

Mannara expresses regret for her words and behavior, especially towards Vicky. Vicky, surrounded by questions, comes to Ankita’s defense, highlighting the challenging situation they are navigating.

Conclusion: Unraveling the Reality Show Secrets:

Day 100 of ‘Bigg Boss 17’ leaves the contestants in the aftermath of a media storm. The drama, revelations, and confessions add layers to the intricate web of relationships within the house. Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Mid-Week Eviction, Who is Danger’s the finale draws near, the question remains – who will emerge victorious in this tumultuous journey? Stay tuned for more twists and turns as ‘Bigg Boss 17’ hurtles towards its grand conclusion.

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