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Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Season 1 Contestant Anitha Sampath Biography

Anitha Sampath's Journey in Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Season 1

Anitha Sampath: The Eloquent Journalist in Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Season 1

Anitha Sampath

Anitha Sampath, a renowned journalist and television presenter, graced the inaugural season of Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil with her eloquent presence. Known for her captivating charm and articulate demeanor, Anitha brings a unique blend of intelligence and charisma to the reality television stage. Let’s delve into the life and career of this distinguished contestant.

Early Life and Education:

Anitha Sampath was born on July 12, 1987.Hails from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  Completed her schooling in Chennai and pursued higher education in the field of journalism.

Career Beginnings:

Anitha Sampath began her career as a television news presenter. Worked with popular Tamil news channels like Polimer News andNews 7. Gained recognition for her eloquent communication and presentation skills.

Television Presenter:

Known for her dynamic presentation style and in-depth coverage of news. Became a household name due to her work as a news anchor. Established herself as one of the prominent female news presenters in Tamil television.

Acting Career:

Transitioned from journalism to acting, showcasing her versatility. Made her acting debut with the Tamil movie “Kaala” (2018), starring Rajinikanth.  Followed by appearances in movies like “Vada Chennai” (2018) and “Darbar” (2020).

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Journey:

participated as a participant in Season 4 of Bigg Boss Tamil. Entered the house with a strong and confident demeanor.  Showcased her candid personality, which resonated with the audience.

Journey in Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Season 1:

In Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Season 1, Anitha Sampath brings her wealth of experience and insight to the reality television stage. Her presence adds depth and perspective to the dynamics of the house as she navigates the challenges and conflicts with grace and poise. Anitha’s interactions with fellow contestants and her thoughtful reflections on life provide valuable insights and entertainment for viewers.

Personality Traits:

Known for her straightforwardness and honest opinions. Displayed strong leadership skills and actively engaged in tasks within the house. Formed both close bonds and conflicts with fellow contestants, contributing to the show’s drama.

Memorable Moments in the Bigg Boss House:

Engaged in discussions on various topics, including entertainment and social issues. Actively participated in physical and mental tasks, proving her competitive spirit. Handled confrontations with composure and stood up for her beliefs.

Public Reception and Impact:

Garnered a significant fan base during her time in the Bigg Boss house.Appreciated for her authenticity and relatable nature. Despite her eventual eviction, left a lasting impression on the show’s viewers.


Anitha Sampath’s journey from a news presenter to an actress and Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 contestant reflects her dynamic career path. Her strong personality, communication skills, and candid nature continue to resonate with her fans beyond the show.   Anitha Sampath remains an influential figure in the Tamil entertainment industry.

Name: Anitha Sampath

Other Name: Ani

Evicted: Bigg Boss Ultimate Season 1 – Evicted Day 49

Season Host: Kamal Haasan, Silambarasan

Network: Disney+ Hotstar

Number of Days: 70

Number of Contestants: 16

Premier Date: 30 January 2022

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): June 12,1992

Birth Place: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Settled Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu 

Profession/Occupation: Actress, Model, Dancer, Anchor, Journalist, Certified Hairstylist

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Parents:  R.C. Sampath (Father)


Spouse: Prabha Garan







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