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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 96 Highlights: Entertaining Tasks Steal the Show

With just 9 days left for the grand finale, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 96 witnessed fun-filled tasks, heated debates, and surprising twists. Dive into the highlights as the countdown to the finale intensifies.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 96

As Bigg Boss Telugu 7 hurtles toward its grand finale, the house is buzzing with excitement, drama, and a hint of suspense. With just nine days left, Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 96 promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions, featuring fun tasks, intense debates, and the looming possibility of a mid-week elimination.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 96

Shivaji vs. Shobha Showdown:

The day kicked off with a ball-sticking task that turned into a battleground for Priyanka, Shivaji, Arjun, Shobha, and Yawar. As the contestants aimed to secure victory, tempers flared between Shivaji and Shobha. The friendly competition escalated into a fierce debate as Shobha’s enthusiastic support for Priyanka irked Shivaji, leading to an unexpected turn of events. In the end, Arjun emerged victorious in the task.

Break the Balloons Challenge:

In a bid to add a sweet twist to the day, Bigg Boss introduced the ‘Break the Balloons’ challenge. Armed with caps equipped with needles, housemates had to pop balloons scattered around the house. Each balloon held a delightful surprise – candies, chocolates, and various treats. Shivaji’s skillful balloon-popping garnered him the highest number of candies, earning him a golden opportunity for a voting appeal. A significant boost as the competition heats up.

Super Women Task:

The house took on a glamorous avatar as the women geared up for the ‘Super Women’ task. Adorning costumes and elements provided by Bigg Boss, the contestants aimed to win the appreciation of the male participants. Priyanka’s performance stole the spotlight, earning her accolades even from Amar. However, Shobha’s reaction to Amar’s vote raised eyebrows, sparking debates about genuine emotions versus calculated attention-seeking.

Mid-Week Elimination Rumors:

Amidst the tasks and drama, whispers of a mid-week elimination echoed through the Bigg Boss house. With tensions already high, the possibility of an unexpected eviction added an extra layer of uncertainty. As the contestants grapple with the looming elimination sword, the audience eagerly awaits official confirmation.


With only nine days left for the grand finale, every moment in the Bigg Boss house becomes critical. From task triumphs to emotional debates, the contestants are leaving no stone unturned in their quest for victory. As speculation about a mid-week elimination swirls, the drama promises to reach new heights.

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