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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 103 Highlights: Fun Games and Astrological Antics

Countdown to Grand Finale Begins with Laughter and Predictions

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 103 Highlights

As Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 approaches its Grand Finale, the excitement in the house is reaching its peak. Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 103 brings more fun, games, and a touch of mysticism as the housemates gear up for the ultimate showdown. With Nagarjuna’s presence anticipated for the Grand Finale, the contestants dive into some light-hearted activities and predictions. Let’s unravel the highlights of the day!

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 103 Highlights

Fun Games Galore: Aliens Bring Joy to the House

The previous day saw the entry of aliens into the Bigg Boss house, initiating a series of amusing tasks. Day 103 continues the trend with more entertaining games. Contestants revisited some old games, including balloon bursting, ball balancing, and basketball balancing. The aliens presented a new challenge – arranging balls without lifting them, a task that saw Amar, Arjun, and Shivaji engaging in a humorous exchange while attempting to complete the game. In the end, Amardeep emerged victorious, adding another feather to his cap.

Another game required participants to balance a crockery set, reminiscent of the eviction pass task. Despite Shivaji’s hand pain, he participated enthusiastically. Arjun clinched victory in this round, showcasing the housemates’ resilience and sense of humor. The tasks provided a welcome break, filled the house with laughter, and served as a nostalgic trip down memory lane for the contestants.

Amardeep’s Astrological Antics: Predicting Laughter and Fun

In a surprising turn of events, Bigg Boss announced the arrival of an astrologer in the house, none other than Amardeep. Tasked with predicting the future in a comical manner, Amardeep took on the role with flair. Calling each housemate individually, he delivered humorous predictions that had everyone in splits. Amardeep’s astrologer avatar added an element of laughter to the house, showcasing his unique slang and perfect mannerisms.

Countdown to Grand Finale: Voting Lines Closing Soon

With the clock ticking down to the Grand Finale, the anticipation in the Bigg Boss house is palpable. As the clock strikes 11:59 PM, the voting lines will close, determining the fate of the contestants. The reminder is clear – the game is not one-sided yet, and viewers are urged to continue voting for their favorites to ensure they clinch the prestigious Bigg Boss title and the accompanying prize money. The excitement is building, and the contestants are on the edge of their seats as the Grand Finale approaches.

Conclusion: Laughter, Games, and Grand Finale Anticipation

Day 103 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 brought a perfect blend of laughter, games, and a touch of mysticism. The housemates engaged in entertaining tasks, reliving past moments and creating new memories. Amardeep’s astrological predictions added a humorous twist to the day, leaving the contestants in high spirits. As the voting lines close, the stage is set for the Grand Finale, promising an epic conclusion to a season filled with twists, turns, and unforgettable moments.

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