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Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 18 Highlights: Nomination Twist and Explosive Arguments Between Shivani and Ranveer

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Drama and Nominations Shake Up the House

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 18 Highlights: Shivani and Ranveer Shorey Had a Heated Argument

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 18 Highlights

The weekend war in the reality show Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 18 was explosive. YouTuber Armaan Malik slapped social media influencer Vishal Pandey, a topic discussed everywhere. But, as they say, “the show must go on.” Today is Monday, and after the weekend drama, the housemates are seen fighting again on new issues. This week, there was a nomination task for eviction, but with a twist in the story. New relationships were formed in the house, and old ones were broken. Shivani Kumari and Sana Maqbool were hurt the most. In the end, there was a heated argument between Shivani and Ranveer. Let’s dive into what happened in today’s episode.

Ranveer Shorey Gave a Fun Offer to Naezy, Bringing Laughter to the House

Ranveer Shorey told Naezy that if he wants a female rapper, he should consider Chandrika Dixit. This led to laughter and jokes. Ranveer also tried his hand at rapping like Naezy. Meanwhile, Luv Kataria shared a story about writing a love letter to a girl who later rejected his proposal. When Luv became famous, the same girl messaged him, but he didn’t even read it.

A Message Arrives for the Family Members

A message arrived on the phones of the family members, mentioning the weather. Meanwhile, ‘Baharwala’ Luv Kataria also received a separate message.

Red Chili Found Near Munisha’s Bed!

Ranveer mentioned that red chili was found near Munisha ji’s bed. Shivani explained that she kept it there to ward off the evil eye. Ranveer joked that both the evil eye and the red chili have now left. Meanwhile, Vishal Pandey was lying isolated in the bathroom. Luv asked if he had stopped overthinking, to which Vishal replied, “What will I achieve by overthinking?” He also mentioned that everyone wants to be saved from nomination.

The Housemates Burst Out Laughing at Shivani

Shivani stood in front of the camera and talked, making the housemates laugh. Ranveer’s way of looking at Shivani while eating chips also amused everyone. Ranveer imitated Shivani, showcasing how she looked at him while eating.

Shivani and Ranveer’s Argument

A joke between Shivani and Ranveer quickly escalated into an argument. Shivani told Ranveer to avoid using abusive language. Ranveer retorted that he should not talk to her at all. Neji mentioned that Shivani’s voice was very hurtful.

Armaan Gets Angry at Kritika

Armaan sat next to Shivani in the living area, where Luv and Vishal were also seated, Armaan got angry and asked if Kritika hadn’t opened her eyes yet. Kritika tried to explain, but Armaan felt ignored and said, “It seems as if I am not with you at all.”

Nomination Task with a Twist

The housemates had to write letters to save each other. They could save two contestants of their choice. Vishal sent a letter to Lavekesh, saving him. Lavekesh saved Shivani Kumari. Vishal saved Sana Maqbool. Sana Maqbool, Deepak, and Shivani saved Chandrika. It was Armaan and Chandrika who saved Kritika. Ranveer Shorey, Sana Sultan, and Naezy wrote a letter to Sai Ketan Rao. Naezy, Kritika, and Sai Ketan were saved by Sana Sultan, Kritika, and Deepak Chaurasia. Ranveer wrote a letter to Deepak.

Five Contestants Nominated This Week

Ranveer, Sai Ketan, Sana Sultan, Sana Maqbool, Naezy, Chandrika, and Kritika received the most letters and were saved. Those who received the least letters and got nominated for eviction are Deepak, Lavkesh, Vishal, and Shivani. Armaan Malik was also nominated as a punishment.

Shivani Falls Ill from Crying

After the nomination process, Shivani Kumari fell ill from crying. She felt hurt that fewer people voted for her. Only Luv Kataria voted for her. She was particularly upset with Chandrika Dixit, who she called her sister but did not vote for her. Shivani called Chandrika a hypocrite. Naezy was also upset with Sai Ketan for not voting for her.

Chandrika and Deepak’s Emotional Moments

Chandrika cried in front of Deepak Chaurasia, saying she will call out wrong as wrong. She mentioned that Shivani was rude to Ranveer despite being asked not to. Shivani joked about Sana Maqbool and Naezy, saying she has not hugged anyone in the house but would hug her brother-in-law Naezy. This led to objections from Sana Maqbool.

Armaan’s Calculation for Shivani

Armaan commented that earlier Munisha ji used to move things around, and now Shivani will do it. Vishal clarified that he was praising Kritika in a positive way. Sana stopped him from commenting, but Vishal insisted that he meant Kritika is housewife material, as she takes care of Armaan and cooks for him.

Sai Ketan Rao and Shivani’s Argument Over Chores

Sai Ketan Rao and Shivani argued over household chores. Ranveer also mentioned that Shivani has time to gossip but not to work. Sana Maqbool got emotional, feeling bad about not receiving votes from her friends. She said she was not getting good vibes from people.

Shivani’s Actions for the Camera

Ranveer accused Shivani of doing everything for the camera. Armaan disclosed that Abhishek, her manager, had instructed her to continue speaking in order to be filmed. Shivani cried, saying she never gets along with influential people and prefers her simple life.

Shivani’s Condition Worsens

Shivani Kumari’s condition worsened due to constant crying. She was taken to the medical room. Vishal and Luv were unhappy with how the contestants were treating Shivani. Vishal mentioned that when he was taking Shivani to the bathroom, Armaan questioned why people feel dizzy only during nominations. When Luv confronted Armaan, he evaded the topic.

Armaan Objects to Vishal Not Working

Armaan and Kritika were angry that Vishal was not working, causing others to suffer. They asked why Vishal was not contributing. Sana Maqbool said that when a member becomes weak, others corner them further. Armaan and Ranveer criticized Sana Maqbool for twisting things to make herself look good.

Sana Maqbool Hurt by Naezy

Naezy did not write a letter to Sana Maqbool, upsetting her. She shared her feelings with Naezy, who explained that he knew others would write letters to her, so he didn’t.

Ranveer and Shivani’s Heated Argument

Ranveer got angry with Shivani for talking at night, leading to a heated argument. Both insulted each other, calling each other cheap. Ranveer accused Shivani of doing everything for the camera, while Shivani accused him of being inconsiderate and lacking manners.

Ranveer Says Shivani Has Lost Her Balance

After the fight, Ranveer told the group that Shivani intentionally picks fights and has lost her balance in the quest for the trophy. Armaan added that Shivani is active on social media but doesn’t understand how to live in society.

Luv and Sai Ketan Rao’s Conversation

Luv Kataria asked Sai Ketan Rao if he was still angry. Sai Ketan said it’s just a game and they should play it as such. He also voiced his displeasure at the “slap” event involving Vishal and Armaan. Sai Ketan Rao later reported about Luv’s attempt to speak with Armaan and his gang.


Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 18 had a lot of drama, arguments, and poignant moments. The nomination job with a twist tested relationships and created new dynamics inside the household. With five contestants nominated for eviction, the upcoming episodes promise more excitement and tension.

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