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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Contestants Aswin Vijay Biography

From Record-Breaking Magician to Bigg Boss Sensation: The Inspiring Journey of Aswin Vijay

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Contestants: Aswin Vijay Biography

Aswin Vijay

Aswin Vijay, a renowned magician, gained widespread recognition as a participant in Mohanlal’s Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4. Known for his remarkable skills in magic, Aswin holds records for the most magic tricks performed in a minute in both the Asian and Indian books of records. This biography delves into his early life, career as a magician, and his journey in the Bigg Boss house.

Early Life and Background

Aswin Vijay was born in 1995 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Growing up in the cultural hub of Kerala, Aswin was exposed to various art forms from a young age. However, it was magic that captivated his interest and set the course for his future career.

While specific details about his family are not widely known, Aswin’s passion for magic developed early, supported by the rich cultural heritage of his hometown. Thiruvananthapuram, known for its artistic and intellectual environment, provided the perfect backdrop for a budding magician.

Journey into Magic

Aswin Vijay’s foray into the world of magic began in his childhood. Fascinated by the art of illusion, he started practicing simple tricks and gradually advanced to more complex performances. His dedication to mastering the craft of magic was evident, and he quickly gained recognition in local circles.

Record-Breaking Achievements

Aswin’s commitment to his craft led him to achieve remarkable feats. He holds the record for the most magic tricks performed in a minute, as recognized by both the Asian and Indian books of records. This achievement is a testament to his skill, speed, and precision, distinguishing him as one of the most talented magicians in India.

Professional Career

Performing on Various Platforms

Aswin Vijay’s talent has taken him to various stages, where he has mesmerized audiences with his magical performances. His shows are known for their creativity, innovation, and the sheer spectacle of his tricks. Whether performing for a small audience or at large events, Aswin’s ability to captivate and entertain remains unparalleled.

Online Presence

In addition to live performances, Aswin has leveraged social media to reach a broader audience. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook have allowed him to showcase his magic to millions, further solidifying his status as a modern magician. His online presence is characterized by engaging content that includes tutorials, live performances, and interactive sessions with his followers.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4

Aswin Vijay’s participation in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 marked a significant milestone in his career. The reality show, hosted by the legendary actor Mohanlal, is known for its diverse and dynamic cast. Aswin’s inclusion in the show brought a unique element of magic and intrigue, setting him apart from other contestants.

Inside the Bigg Boss House

Within the Bigg Boss house, Aswin’s personality and skills shone through. He used his magical abilities to entertain fellow contestants and viewers alike, often lightening the mood with his tricks. His calm and composed demeanor, coupled with his strategic gameplay, made him a strong contender in the house.

Aswin’s ability to form genuine connections with other contestants and his diplomatic approach to conflicts earned him respect and admiration. His time on the show allowed viewers to see different facets of his personality, beyond his identity as a magician.

Impact and Influence

Aswin’s participation in Bigg Boss Malayalam had a significant impact on his career. It provided him with a platform to reach a wider audience and showcase his talents to people who may not have been familiar with his work. His journey on the show highlighted his versatility and adaptability, qualities that endeared him to many fans.

Personal Life and Interests

Despite his public persona, Aswin Vijay maintains a relatively private personal life. Known to be a humble and grounded individual, he often emphasizes the importance of hard work and perseverance. His dedication to magic extends beyond performance, as he continually seeks to innovate and refine his craft.

Hobbies and Passions

Apart from magic, Aswin has various interests that keep him engaged. He enjoys exploring new hobbies, staying fit, and learning about different cultures. His curiosity and love for learning are evident in his approach to magic, where he constantly seeks new inspirations and techniques.

Achievements and Recognition

Aswin Vijay’s contributions to the field of magic have been widely recognized. His record-breaking performances have earned him accolades and respect within the magician community. Some of his notable achievements include:

  • Record for Most Magic Tricks in a Minute: As recognized by the Asian and Indian books of records.
  • Performing at Prestigious Events: Aswin has been invited to perform at numerous high-profile events, showcasing his talent to a diverse audience.
  • Online Influence: With a strong online presence, Aswin has inspired many aspiring magicians and garnered a substantial following on social media.


Aswin Vijay’s journey from a young boy fascinated by magic to a renowned magician and Bigg Boss contestant is a story of passion, dedication, and perseverance. His achievements in the field of magic, coupled with his charismatic personality, have made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Aswin’s participation in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 provided him with a platform to reach a broader audience and showcase his multifaceted talents. His journey in the Bigg Boss house highlighted his ability to connect with people, handle challenges gracefully, and entertain with his unique skills.

As he continues to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of his craft, Aswin Vijay remains an inspiration to many. His story serves as a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passion and the impact of hard work and determination.

Name: Aswin Vijay

Other Name: Aswin

Evicted: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 – Evicted Day 28

Season Host: Mohanlal

Network: Asianet Disney+ Hotstar

Number of Days: 100

Number of Contestants: 20

Premier Date: 27 March – 3 July 2022

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): March 8, 1998

Birth Place: Thiruvananthapuram, Karnataka, India

Settled Place: Thiruvananthapuram, Karnataka, India

Profession/Occupation: Magician



Siblings: Aiswarya (Sister)







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