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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 13th Week Voting Results: Who’s in Danger?

Stay Updated with the Live Voting Results as Contestants Battle for the Coveted Ticket to Finale. Pallavi Prashanth Takes the Lead, Sivaji and Prince Yawar Follow Closely. The Countdown to the Finale Begins!

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 13th Week

In the heart of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 13th week unfolds with a heightened sense of anticipation. As the contestants battle for survival, the live voting results paint a vivid picture of the audience’s preferences. Meanwhile, the high-stakes Ticket to Finale tasks add an extra layer of drama, making this week a pivotal moment in the journey to the finale.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 13th Week

13th Week Voting Results:

The spotlight is on the live voting results, offering a real-time glimpse into the audience’s choices. Here’s a breakdown of the percentages and votes for each contestant:

  1. Pallavi Prashanth – 36% (40,680 votes): Pallavi Prashanth emerges as the frontrunner, securing a significant lead with an impressive 36% of the votes. The audience’s support for her remains strong, reflecting her impact in the house.
  2. Sivaji – 28% (31,640 votes): Sivaji follows closely behind, capturing 28% of the votes. The competition is fierce, and Sivaji’s popularity is evident as he maintains a solid position in the voting results.
  3. Prince Yawar – 15% (16,950 votes): Prince Yawar holds his ground with 15% of the votes, showcasing a dedicated fan base. As the battle intensifies, every percentage point becomes crucial in determining the fate of the contestants.
  4. Shobha Shetty – 8% (9,040 votes): Shobha Shetty, with 8% of the votes, navigates the challenges in the house. The live voting results reflect the audience’s sentiments, setting the stage for the upcoming twists in the competition.
  5. Priyanka – 6% (6,780 votes): Priyanka faces the competition with 6% of the votes, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the game. The audience’s choices shape the narrative as contestants vie for a spot in the coveted finale.
  6. Gautham – 4% (4,520 votes): Gautham’s journey in the house reflects in the voting results, capturing 4% of the votes. The dynamics within the Bigg Boss house continue to evolve, and every vote contributes to the unfolding drama.
  7. Arjun – 3% (3,390 votes): Arjun, with 3% of the votes, faces the challenges head-on. As the stakes rise, the live voting results become a testament to the shifting alliances and strategies at play.

Ticket to Finale Tasks:

Simultaneously, the contestants engage in the nail-biting Ticket to Finale tasks, where each challenge is a step closer to securing a spot in the grand finale. As the tasks unfold, alliances are tested, and contestants showcase their resilience in the face of adversity.


The 13th week in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is a battleground of emotions, strategies, and audience choices. With Pallavi Prashanth leading the voting results, the competition for the Ticket to Finale becomes even more intense. As the journey to the finale accelerates, stay tuned for more updates, twists, and turns in the gripping reality show.

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