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Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Season 1 Contestant Suja Varunee Biography

Versatile Charm of Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil

Suja Varunee: Versatile Charm of Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Season 1

Suja Varunee

Suja Varunee, the talented Indian actress, has graced the screens of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam cinema with her versatile performances. From her humble beginnings in Plus Two to winning hearts in Bigg Boss, Suja’s journey is a testament to her passion for acting. Let’s delve into the multifaceted career of this remarkable artist.

Early Career:

At the young age of fourteen, Suja Varunee was chosen to play the lead role in the coming-of-age drama “Plus Two” (2002). Despite the film’s modest reception, Suja’s talent caught the attention of filmmakers. Her foray into films continued with special appearances and dance numbers in films like “Varnajalam” (2004) and “Masala” (2005).

Throughout the mid-2000s, Suja became known for her glamorous appearances in single songs, garnering popularity and numerous offers. Despite the opportunities, she faced challenges in breaking away from the industry’s perception of her as an “item girl.” However, Suja remained determined to explore diverse roles and shed her glamorous image.

Transition to Meaningful Roles:

After her appearance in Rajinikanth’s “Kuselan” (2008), Suja decided to move towards portraying substantial supporting roles. This transition was supported by director P. Vasu, who cast her in films like “Aptharakshaka” (2010) and “Nagavalli” (2010). These roles opened doors for Suja in the Telugu film industry, where she starred in films such as “Gundello Godari” (2013) and “Doosukeltha” (2013).

In Tamil cinema, Suja gained recognition for her role as a traditional village girl in “Milaga” (2010) and went on to impress audiences with her performances in “Settai” (2013) and “Appuchi Gramam” (2014). Her portrayal of a rustic woman in the village drama “Kidaari” (2016) earned her critical acclaim and showcased her acting prowess.

Bigg Boss Journey and Beyond:

In 2017, Suja Varunee entered the reality television show Bigg Boss Tamil, hosted by Kamal Haasan. Her entry on day 52 marked a significant turn in her career, allowing her to showcase her personality to a wider audience. Although she was evicted on day 91, Suja’s stint on Bigg Boss opened new avenues for her in the entertainment industry.

Post-Bigg Boss, Suja continued to work on various film projects, including “Iravukku Aayiram Kangal,” “Aan Devathai,” and “Sathru.” Her commitment to portraying diverse roles and her dedication to her craft have earned her recognition and respect in the industry.

Filmography Highlights:

  • 2002: Plus 2 (Tamil)
  • 2004: Varnajalam (Tamil), Udees (Kannada)
  • 2005: Masala (Kannada), Maayavi (Tamil)
  • 2008: Kuselan (Tamil), Jayamkondaan (Tamil)
  • 2010: Aptharakshaka (Kannada), Nagavalli (Telugu)
  • 2013: Gundello Godari (Telugu), Doosukeltha (Telugu)
  • 2014: Ali Baba Okkade Donga (Telugu), Appuchi Gramam (Tamil)
  • 2016: Kidaari (Tamil)
  • 2017: Kuttram 23 (Tamil), Vaigai Express (Tamil)
  • 2018: Iravukku Aayiram Kangal (Tamil), Aan Devathai (Tamil)
  • 2019: Sathru (Tamil)
  • 2021: Drushyam 2 (Telugu)

Television Ventures:

  • 2017: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 – Contestant (Evicted Day 91)
  • 2018: Genes (Zee Tamil), Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 – Guest (Day 85 to 91)
  • 2020: Start Music Season 2 (Star Vijay)
  • 2021: Chithi 2 (Sun TV) – Guest Appearance, Rowdy Baby – Contestant
  • 2022: Bigg Boss Ultimate Season 1 – Contestant (Evicted Day 14), BB Jodigal – Winner

Journey in Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Season 1:

In Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Season 1, Suja Varunee brought her dynamic persona and engaging personality to the reality television stage. Her presence added depth and intrigue to the dynamics of the house as she navigated the challenges and conflicts with grace and poise. Suja’s interactions with fellow contestants and her authentic demeanor endeared her to viewers across the state.

Personal Life:

Suja Varunee is the wife of actor Shivaji Dev. In August 2019, they welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Adhvaaith. Suja’s personal life reflects her dedication to family alongside her thriving career in the entertainment industry.


Suja Varunee’s journey from a young actress in Plus Two to a versatile artist in multiple film industries is inspiring. Her dedication to her craft, ability to transition between glamorous roles and meaningful characters, and her Bigg Boss triumphs have solidified her position in the hearts of fans. As she continues to explore new horizons, Suja Varunee remains a shining star in the world of Indian cinema.

Name: Suja Varunee

Other Name: Sujatha, Sujatha Naidu

Evicted: Bigg Boss Ultimate Season 1 – Evicted Day 14

Season Host: Kamal Haasan, Silambarasan

Network: Disney+ Hotstar

Number of Days: 70

Number of Contestants: 16

Premier Date: 30 January 2022

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): October 11, 1984

Birth Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Settled Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Profession/Occupation: Actress

Education: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Parents: Vijayakumari (Mother)


Spouse: Shivaji Dev

Children: Adhvaaith (Son) 





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