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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 74: Arjun’s Eviction-Free Pass Unleashes Intense Battles and Controversies

Day 74 in the Bigg Boss house witnesses Arjun's strategic move as he defends his eviction-free pass.

Bigg Boss Telugu7 Day 74

The Bigg Boss Telugu7 Day 74 house unfolds with heightened anticipation as Arjun, the holder of the eviction-free pass, gears up to defend his prized possession. The episode promises intense battles, strategic maneuvers, and a ball-balancing challenge that becomes the epicenter of drama and controversies within the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu7 Day 74

Arjun’s Challenge and Opponent Selection:

Follow Arjun victory in securing the eviction-free pass. Arjun faces the crucial task of defending it. Bigg Boss instructs Arjun to select a worthy opponent for this high-stakes game, and he chooses Yawar. The stage is set for a battle of wits and skills as the two contestants prepare to face off.

Ball-Balancing Challenge – Round 1:

The challenge involves a circular ramp with stands distributed all over. The contestants are equipped with Nine basketballs.  The goal is to balance as many balls as possible on the ramp. It should be done before the buzzer signals the end of the round. The tension builds as Arjun and Yawar engage in a neck-and-neck battle, showcasing their focus and agility.

As the buzzer sounds. It’s reveales that Yawar has managed to balance more balls. To securing the victory in this round. The eviction-free pass changes hands, intensifying the competition within the house.

Ball-Balancing Challenge – Round 2:

With Yawar now in possession of the eviction-free pass, the dynamics shift. Bigg Boss selects Shivaji and Priyanka as Yawar’s opponents for the next round. The challenge involves a bow and arrow setup, with contestants required to balance metal balls on the suspended structure. The catch is that the number of balls increases over time.

Amidst the focused efforts of Shivaji, Priyanka, and Yawar, the Sanchalaks (supervisors) Shobha and Prashanth add an element of disturbance, creating chaos and heightening tensions. The contestants battle not only against the challenge but also against the distractions introduced by the supervisors.

The challenge progress the both contestants Shivaji and Yawar display remarkable concentration. However in a twist of fate. Shivaji loses his balance and Yawar emerges as victorious win. Yawar retaining the eviction-free pass.

Controversies and Heated Clashes:

The episode takes an intense turn as Shivaji expresses his frustration with Shobha and Prashanth. He accused because of disturbing during in the challenge. Heated clashes ensue, and the house is engulfed in arguments and tensions. The controversy surrounding the Sanchalaks’ interference adds an unexpected layer to the day’s events.


Day 74 in the Bigg Boss house proves to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, strategic moves, and controversies. Arjun’s attempt to defend the eviction-free pass sets the stage for intense battles, and the ball-balancing challenge becomes a battleground of skills and distractions. As the dust settles, the lingering tensions and controversies leave the housemates on edge, paving the way for more drama in the days to come.

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