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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Contestant Tasty Teja Biography

Tasty Teja: A Delectable Journey from Tenali to Bigg Boss Telugu

Tasty Teja’s story unfolds against the backdrop of Tenali, a city steeped in culture and history. His early years were a tapestry woven with the customs and traditions of this vibrant town, setting the stage for his creative journey.

Pursuing Knowledge: The Educational Odyssey

Driven by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Teja embarked on an academic journey that culminated in a Master of Science in Thermal Engineering (M. Tech). With his post-graduation complete, he ventured into the corporate realm, securing a role in the software industry. However, Teja’s dreams stretched far beyond the confines of corporate corridors.

Tasty Teja Biography

A Humble Beginning: “Jabardasth” Debut

Tasty Teja’s maiden voyage into the entertainment industry set sail with his involvement in “Jabardasth,” a beloved Telugu television comedy show. As a valued member of Abhi’s team, Teja lent his comedic talents to numerous skits. Yet, despite his undeniable talent, widespread recognition remained frustratingly elusive.

YouTube Breakthrough: From Lunch to Stardom

The turning point in Tasty Teja’s life arrived with his foray into the dynamic world of YouTube. It all began with a deceptively simple video – a casual lunch with friends. To his astonishment, the video struck a chord with viewers and went viral, sparking a newfound passion for content creation, especially in the realm of food vlogs.

“Tasty Teja” YouTube Channel: A Flavorful Ascent

Teja then set out on a journey to become a well-known culinary YouTuber. His channel, aptly named ‘Tasty Teja,’ skyrocketed to remarkable popularity. Teja’s infectious personality and authentic love for cuisine radiated through his entertaining videos, connecting with audiences far and wide.

Lights, Camera, Action: Tasty Teja’s Role in Film Promotion

Notably, Tasty Teja’s journey became intricately intertwined with the film industry. He was instrumental in promoting nearly 150 films in a variety of languages, firmly establishing himself as a light in the field of entertainment marketing.

2020: The Year of “Tasty Teja”

Teja began a new chapter in the revolutionary year of 2020 by starting his YouTube channel, “Tasty Teja,” dedicated to engaging gourmet vlogs.He started on a delightful tour with pals, tasting new gourmet delicacies and indulging in diverse culinary activities.His ever-growing fan base attests to his exceptional ability to inject comedy into his gourmet vlogs.

Expanding Horizons: Collaborations and Connections

As Teja’s reputation rose, he broadened his horizons by cooperating with well-known figures.His path exemplifies his steadfast dedication, infinite imagination, and extraordinary ability to connect with audiences via the universal language of food.

Name: Tasty Teja

Other Name: Teja, Jabardasth Teja

Evicted:  Bigg Boss Season 7

Season Host: Nagarjuna

Network:  Star Maa and Disney+ Hotstar

Number of Days:

Number of Contestants: 14

Premier Date: September 3, 2023

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): June 12, 1994

Birth Place: Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India

Settled Place: Hyderabad, Telangana, India.  

Profession/Occupation: Youtuber & Social Media Star

Career: He participated as a member of Abhi’s team in the Jabardasth Telugu television comedy show.

Education: He studied M.Tech. in thermal engineering.

Parents: Kallam Srinivasareddy (Father)

Siblings: Prasanna (Sister)

Spouse: Unmarried







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