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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Week 14 Elimination: Shobha Shetty’s Exit Sets the Stage for a New Chapter!

As the dust settles on Shobha Shetty's eviction, the Bigg Boss house braces for a fresh start. Dive into the 14th-week elimination details and what lies ahead in the thrilling Telugu reality show.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Week 14 Elimination

The Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Week 14 Elimination witnessed a pivotal moment as popular TV actress Shobha Shetty. The bid adieu in the latest elimination. This Week 14 update delves into the details of the eviction, the saved contestant, and the brewing anticipation for host Nagarjuna’s take on recent controversies.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Week 14 Elimination

Shobha Shetty’s Elimination:

In a surprising turn of events, Shobha Shetty, a familiar face in the television industry, has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu competition. The news, though anticipated by some viewers, has stirred positive reactions on social media, with many expressing relief for a potentially more harmonious atmosphere in the house.

Yawar’s Narrow Escape:

While Shobha faced the elimination, Yawar, another contestant in the danger zone, managed to secure his position once again. Yawar’s survival places him among the top five contenders, leaving fans curious about the trajectory of his gameplay in the upcoming week. Will Yawar seize the opportunity to improve and make a significant impact?

Week 14 Drama Recap:

The week leading up to Shobha’s elimination was marked by intense conflicts. The use of abusive language, notably from contestant Amardeep. The dynamics in the house reached a boiling point, prompting viewers to speculate about how host Nagarjuna will address these issues in the forthcoming episodes.

Host Nagarjuna’s Role:

As the viewers await Nagarjuna’s intervention, there’s heightened curiosity regarding the host’s approach. Will Nagarjuna discuss Shivaji’s behavior, address the controversial language used by Amardeep, or delve into the strategic gameplay of contestants like Shobha Shetty and Priyanka? The host’s insights promise to be a crucial element in shaping the narrative of the reality show.

Anticipation for Upcoming Episodes:

With Shobha Shetty’s departure and Yawar’s narrow escape. The Bigg Boss 7 Telugu house is on the brink of a new chapter. Viewers are eager to witness how the remaining contestants recalibrate their strategies, navigate conflicts, and vie for the coveted title.


As the curtain falls on Shobha Shetty’s journey in Bigg Boss 7 Telugu. The remaining contestants gear up for the challenges ahead. The drama, conflicts, and strategic maneuvers continue to unfold, promising an engaging spectacle for the audience.

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