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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 99 Highlights: A Glimpse into the Emotional Journey of Amardeep and Arjun

As the finale week kicks off, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 brings heartwarming surprises, emotional AVs, and a festive atmosphere in the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 99 Highlights

The air in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 house is thick with anticipation as the finale week commences. Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 99 Highlights brings not just the usual drama but a heartfelt journey for two contestants – Amardeep and Arjun. Let’s dive into the emotional highlights that unfolded in the house, setting the tone for the grand finale.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 99 Highlights

Amardeep’s Heartwarming Moment:

The day started with a beautifully arranged garden area, adorned with Christmas decorations, photos, and props. Amardeep, with a sense of excitement, stepped into this magical setup. Snowfall added to the festive ambiance, making it a picturesque moment. The garden was filled with photos capturing Amardeep’s journey in the house, invoking joy and nostalgia.

Amardeep’s AV Unveiled:

After relishing the beautiful garden setup, Amardeep was called into the activity room, where Bigg Boss unveiled his audiovisual journey (AV). The AV, a montage of Amardeep’s memorable moments, touched the depths of emotions. Bigg Boss praised Amardeep for being a learner and highlighted his growth through mistakes. The genuine emotions expressed by Amardeep added a layer of authenticity to the moment.

Arjun’s Emotional Journey:

Next in line was Arjun, who stepped into a garden adorned with photos capturing precious moments with his wife. The emotional atmosphere was palpable as Arjun took in the memories. Each photo told a story of love, companionship, and resilience, creating a deeply emotional ambiance in the house.

Arjun’s Special AV:

As Arjun entered the activity room, Bigg Boss took a moment to appreciate Arjun’s focused and determined demeanor throughout the season. The AV showcased Arjun’s journey from day one, emphasizing that actions speak louder than words. Arjun’s quiet yet impactful presence in the house received well-deserved acknowledgment, making it a proud moment for him.

The Essence of Finale Week:

The finale week has just begun, and the house is already brimming with emotions and celebrations. The surprises for Amardeep and Arjun set a sentimental tone, reminding everyone of the journey they’ve undertaken in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 house. As the top contenders gear up for the grand finale, the stage is set for a week filled with nostalgia, emotions, and, undoubtedly, unexpected twists.


Day 99 in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 proved to be more than just a regular episode. It marked the beginning of the finale week with heartwarming celebrations and emotional reflections. The surprises for Amardeep and Arjun added a layer of sentimentality, making it a memorable day in the Bigg Boss house.

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