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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 102 Highlights: Laughter Echoes with Fun-Filled Games

Alien Invasion and Hilarious Timelines Bring Joy Amidst the Countdown to Grand Finale

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 102 Highlights

As the grand finale approaches in Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 102 unfolded with a break from the emotional AV sessions. Bigg Boss introduced some lighthearted fun and games, bringing smiles to the faces of the housemates. Let’s delve into the highlights that made this day memorable.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 102 Highlights

Aliens Are Back:

To inject a burst of activity and amusement, the Bigg Boss house welcomed back the aliens. These extraterrestrial beings interacted with the housemates, setting the stage for a series of entertaining tasks. The challenge was clear – the housemates had to recreate their favorite tasks from the past 14 weeks to earn essential food supplies.

Task 1: Yawar’s Balancing Act:

The first challenge saw Yawar attempting to balance basketballs on a podium. Success in this task meant Arjun would receive food. Yawar showcased his skills, and the task was conquered, bringing food joy to Arjun.

Task 2: Priyanka’s Bow Balancing Act:

Next up was Priyanka’s challenge – balancing balls on a bow. Success in this task would reward Shivaji with food. Priyanka emerged victorious, leading to a delightful meal for Shivaji, complete with chicken curry.

Task 3: Shivaji’s Balloon Burst:

Shivaji faced the challenge of bursting balloons with a cap. Victory in this task would mean Priyanka enjoying the reward of food. Shivaji’s precision triumphed, and Priyanka received her share of food from the house.

Nostalgic Recollection:

These tasks acted as a nostalgic journey, allowing the housemates to relive and recreate the moments that brought them joy in the past weeks. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air, making it a fun and engaging moment in the house.

Timelines Game:

Following the alien-induced laughter, Bigg Boss introduced a quirky game where housemates had to estimate the duration of their screen time during the daily 60-minute episodes. Each housemate assigned timelines to others, resulting in a hilarious exchange of tags and playful banter.

Housemates’ Reactions:

Amardeep, Prashanth, Shivaji, and Arjun emerged as the life of the party during the timelines game. Their reactions and playful teasing added an extra layer of enjoyment to this light-hearted task, showcasing the bond that has developed among the contestants.

Countdown to Grand Finale:

With just three days left for the grand finale, the atmosphere in the house remains charged with excitement. The fun and games provided a much-needed break from the intensity, creating memorable moments for both the housemates and the audience.


As the blog post wraps up, the anticipation for the grand finale intensifies. The laughter, camaraderie, and engaging games have set the stage for a memorable conclusion to Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7. The countdown continues, and fans eagerly await the crowning of the ultimate champion.

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