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Bigg Boss Telugu 7: 12th Week Voting Results

As the 12th week nominations intensify, voting results are in! Only a few weeks left for the grand finale. Find out who's leading and who's in the danger zone.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 12th Week

As Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 inches closer to its grand finale, the 12th week brings a wave of anticipation and anxiety. With eight contestants in the nominations, the stakes are higher than ever. The voting lines are open, and fans are casting their crucial votes to decide who will continue the journey and who will face the threat of eviction.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 12th Week

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 12th Week Voting Results: The Current Scenario:

Let’s dive into the pulse of the audience, reflected in the voting results for the 12th week. The numbers are in, shedding light on the popularity and support each contestant commands. Here’s a breakdown of the voting percentages:

  1. Prashanth – 33% (15,180 votes)
  2. Sivaji – 21% (9,660 votes)
  3. Amardeep – 16% (7,360 votes):
  4. Yawar – 14% (6,440 votes)Gowtham – 7% (3,220 votes): Gowtham holds a steady 7% of the votes, contributing to the diverse mix of fan support.
  5. Rathika – 4% (1,840 votes)
  6. Arjun – 3% (1,380 votes)
  7. Ashwini – 2% (920 votes)

The Finale Countdown:

With the finale drawing near, every percentage point becomes crucial. The contestants are aware that each vote is a testament to their popularity and connection with the audience. As the countdown to the grand finale begins. The dynamics inside the Bigg Boss house are evolving, and every move is under scrutiny.

Engage in the Voting Process:

Fans play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of their favorite contestants. The power to vote lies in the hands of the audience, and it’s imperative to use it wisely. In these final weeks, unity among fans is essential. Avoid dividing votes and rally behind the most favored contestant to ensure a strong presence in the competition.

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