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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Contestant Suruthi Periyasamy Biography

Get to know the talented actress and dynamic personality in the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 house.

Suruthi Periyasamy: A Rising Star in the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 House

Suruthi Periyasamy, a talented and dynamic actress, has taken the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 house by storm with her captivating presence and engaging personality. Her journey from the world of acting to the reality show has captured the attention and hearts of viewers.

Early Life and Background

Born and raised in Tamil Nadu, Suruthi Periyasamy was drawn to the world of entertainment from a young age. Her passion for acting and performing led her to pursue a career in the Tamil film and television industry.

Acting Career

Suruthi’s entry into the entertainment industry marked the beginning of a promising career. She quickly gained recognition for her acting skills and ability to portray a wide range of characters. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to delivering authentic performances set her apart as a rising star.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Journey

Suruthi’s decision to participate in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 was met with enthusiasm from her fans and viewers. Her presence in the reality show has allowed audiences to see a different side of her personality outside of her scripted roles. Her interactions, emotions, and strategies within the house have made her a contestant to watch.

Dynamic Personality

Suruthi’s dynamic personality shines through both on-screen and off-screen. She has shown resilience in the face of challenges, maintained her individuality, and built connections with her fellow contestants.

Audience Connect

Suruthi’s journey on the reality show has not only strengthened her fan base but also allowed new viewers to connect with her on a personal level. Her genuine approach and relatable nature have made her a favorite among the audience.

Future Prospects

As Suruthi continues her journey on Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5, fans and viewers are excited to see her growth, strategies, and interactions evolve. Her presence in the entertainment industry and on the reality show serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists who dream of making it big.

Suruthi Periyasamy’s transition from the world of acting to the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 house has showcased her versatility, authenticity, and vibrant personality. Her journey as a contestant continues to unfold, and her presence is a testament to her passion for entertainment. As fans eagerly watch her progress, Suruthi’s journey remains one of the highlights of the current season of the reality show.Name:  Suruthi Periyasamy

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Contestant Suruthi Periyasamy BiographyOther Name:  Suruthi Periyasami

Evicted:   Bigg Boss Season 5-Evicted day 35 

Season Host:  Kamal Haasan

Network:  Star Vijay

Number of Days: 105

Number of Contestants: 20

Premier Date: October 3, 2021

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB):  November 24, 1995

Birth Place:  Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

Settled Place:   Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Profession/Occupation:  Actress, Model

Career: She made her television debut on the reality television show Bigg Boss 5

Education: She is studying at Holy Angel’s MHSS School, Salem Bharath University, and Salem Graduation.

Parents: Periyasamy (Father)


Spouse: Unmarried







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