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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Contestant Ganja Karuppu Biography

Ganja Karuppu: A Comedy Icon of Tamil Cinema

Ganja Karuppu: The Versatile Comedic Talent of Tamil Cinema

Ganja Karuppu

Ganja Karuppu, known for his impeccable comic timing and memorable performances, has carved a niche for himself in the Tamil film industry. From his debut in Bala’s “Pithamagan” to his notable roles in “Paruthiveeran,” “Subramaniyapuram,” and more, Ganja Karuppu’s journey in cinema is a fascinating tale of talent and dedication.

Early Life and Debut

Ganja Karuppu, originally named Sivagangai Karuppu, stepped into the world of cinema with Bala’s critically acclaimed “Pithamagan” (2003). His portrayal of a worker in ganja plantations earned him recognition, and he adopted the name Ganja Karuppu for his subsequent film ventures. This debut marked the beginning of a successful career filled with memorable roles.

Rise to Fame

The late 2000s witnessed Ganja Karuppu’s rise to fame with a string of successful films. He shined in movies like Ameer’s “Raam” (2005), Sasikumar’s “Subramaniapuram” (2008), and Samuthirakani’s “Naadodigal” (2009). His performances, especially in the rural film genre, earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fan following. He was also part of Chimbudevan’s “Arai En 305-il Kadavul” (2008) in a significant second lead role.

Challenges and Comeback

Despite his success, Ganja Karuppu faced challenges in his career. His film “Mannar Valaikuda” faced hurdles and did not see a theatrical release, leading to financial setbacks. In 2012, he was set to enter Bollywood with a role in the Hindi remake of “Poraali” but the project did not materialize. Undeterred, Ganja Karuppu made a comeback with notable roles in S. J. Surya’s “Isai” (2015) and “Dharma Durai” (2016), showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Bigg Boss Tamil and Television

In 2017, Ganja Karuppu participated in the first season of the Tamil reality television show “Bigg Boss,” hosted by Kamal Haasan. His stint on the show was marked by clashes with fellow actor Bharani, leading to his eviction on day 14. Despite the challenges, Ganja Karuppu’s presence on the show garnered attention and showcased different facets of his personality to the audience.

Personal Life and Social Initiatives

Outside of cinema, Ganja Karuppu is known for his philanthropic efforts. He married Sangeetha, a physiotherapist, in 2010, and they welcomed their first son in 2011. In 2013, he took on the expenses of five mentally ill individuals in Trichy, showing his compassionate side. Additionally, Ganja Karuppu announced his intentions to enter politics in 2016, aiming to make a positive impact in his community.

Filmography Highlights

Here is a glimpse of Ganja Karuppu’s diverse filmography:

  • 2003: Pithamagan as Ganja Kudukki
  • 2005: Raam as Vazhavandhaan
  • 2007: Paruthiveeran as Douglas
  • 2008: Subramaniapuram as Kaasi
  • 2009: Naadodigal as Maariyappan
  • 2010: Kalavani as Panchayathu
  • 2014: Velmurugan Borewells (Producer and Actor)
  • 2016: Dharma Durai as Compounder
  • 2017: Bayangaramana Aalu
  • 2019: Kalavani 2 as Panchayathu
  • 2022: Maamanithan as House Broker
  • 2023: En 6 Vaathiyaar Kaalpanthatta Kuzhu

Television Journey

  • 2017: Bigg Boss Tamil 1 – Evicted Day 14


Ganja Karuppu’s journey in the world of cinema is a testament to his versatility and passion for acting. From his humble beginnings to his rise to fame, he has entertained audiences with his unique style of comedy and memorable performances. Whether on the big screen or the television stage, Ganja Karuppu continues to captivate viewers with his talent and dedication.

Name: Karuppu Raja

Other Name:  Ganja Karuppu

Evicted: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Evicted on Day 14

Season Host: Kamal Haasan

Network: Star Vijay

Number of Days: 100

Number of Contestants: 19

Premier Date: 25 June 2017

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): January 5, 1976

Birth Place: Nattarasankottai, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu, India

Settled Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Profession/Occupation: Actor, Comedian




Spouse: Sangeetha Karuppu

Children: Son 





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