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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Day 103 Highlights: Dramatic Re-entries, Miss Pradeep’s Absence, and Raveena’s Shocking Revelations!

As 'Bigg Boss 7' nears its climax, Day 103 unfolds with surprising re-entries, a missing contestant, and shocking confessions. The drama is at its peak as the finalists gear up for the ultimate showdown!

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Day 103

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Day 103

Reality shows often create ripples not just within the competition but leave lasting impressions on participants and viewers alike. ‘Bigg Boss 7’ has been no exception, and as the show approaches its climax, Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Day 103 unfolds with drama, unexpected re-entries, and shocking confessions, keeping the excitement alive.

The Morning Coffee Ad and Vijay’s Entry:

The day kicks off with a nostalgic morning coffee ad, sparking memories of a caffeinated addiction. Amid Rahman’s tunes, Vijay’s entry adds a cool vibe to the house. However, Mani’s playful break of pride injects humor into the scene, setting the tone for the day’s events.

Nixon’s Quiet Entry and Apology:

Nixon, with a determined mindset, quietly enters, triggering speculations about alliances. Suresh’s playful tease about the government joining adds a touch of humor. Nixon, candidly admitting his group alignment, sets the stage for what unfolds next.

Vijay’s Dance Discussion and Apology:

A candid conversation between Vijay and Mani emerges, addressing dance-related comments. Vijay clarifies his positive intent, and upon video reflection, realizes potential flaws in his earlier statements. Apologies ensue, demonstrating the power of constructive communication.

Competing Videos and Vichitra’s Entry:

Maya, representing the religious angle, presents a video for collective viewing. However, the messy format of ‘Bigg Boss’ adds a twist, emphasizing shared experiences. Vichitra’s entry brings joy, highlighting her arrival with a toy monkey, adding a comedic touch to the reunion.

Vichitra’s Banter and Emotional Moments:

Vichitra, expressing joy at the reunion, acknowledges Maya’s support and teases Suresh with a mischievous toy monkey. The house dynamics continue with group interactions, and Vichitra’s unique philosophy spices up the atmosphere.

Raveena’s Shocking Revelations:

The most shocking moment comes when Raveena opens up about her experiences with Mani. Unveiling instances of manipulation and control, Raveena’s revelations add a new dimension to the dynamics within the house. The unexpected turn leaves both contestants and viewers in suspense.

Final Countdown and Musical Celebrations:

The finale countdown begins, and the contestants gather for a musical celebration. The atmosphere is festive as the finalists revel in the last moments together. However, Miss Pradeep’s absence adds a note of melancholy to the otherwise joyous occasion.

The Climax Approaches:

As ‘Bigg Boss 7’ heads towards its climax, the rituals associated with the finale commence. The finalists prepare for their last night together, anticipating the ultimate result. The lights dim, and the suspense builds as Kamal prepares to announce the winner, marking the end of the season.


Day 103 of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ delivers a whirlwind of emotions, unexpected returns, and revelations, setting the stage for an unforgettable climax. The journey that began with anticipation now approaches its pinnacle, leaving viewers eager for the grand finale.

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