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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 12th Week Nominated Contestants

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 enters Week 12 with a double elimination twist, casting shadows on the next nominees and an emotional revelation from Vichithra.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 12th Week

The Weekend Ka Vaar in Bigg Boss Tamil 7 was nothing short of a rollercoaster. The leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Hosted by the iconic Kamal Haasan, the recent episode witnessed a double elimination, significantly altering the dynamics within the house. Ananya Rao and Cool Suresh bid farewell, adding an unexpected twist to the game. As the reality show ventures into its Bigg Boss Tamil 7 12th Week, speculations are rife about the next set of nominations, and social media is abuzz with anticipation.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 12th Week

Double Elimination Shock: Ananya Rao and Cool Suresh

The double elimination on Weekend Ka Vaar sent shockwaves through the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house. Ananya Rao, who had re-entered as a wildcard contestant, faced an untimely exit during the mid-week elimination. Following her was Cool Suresh, who had voluntarily self-nominated for elimination in the previous week. Their departure has set the stage for intensified competition, leaving both contestants and viewers grappling with the sudden turn of events.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 12th Week Nominated Contestants

As the echoes of the double elimination still linger. A recent video circulating on social media has purportedly revealed the potential nominees for the upcoming eviction.

  • Raveena Daha
  • Sarvana Vickram
  • Vichithra

The unverified video suggests that Raveena Daha has garnered 5 votes, Sarvana Vickram has secured 4 votes, and Vichithra has received 3 votes for nomination. However, it’s crucial to note that these nominations are yet to be officially announced by Bigg Boss Tamil 7.

Vichithra’s Candid Revelation: Casting Couch Experience

Amidst the eviction drama, Vichithra made headlines for opening up about a harrowing experience from her past, shedding light on the prevalent issue of casting couch in the entertainment industry. Recounting an incident from the year 2000 while shooting for a film in Malampuzha, Vichithra shared the distressing encounter where an actor asked her to visit his room. The situation escalated, with intoxicated crew members banging on her door. Vichithra, now married, reflected on the support she received from her husband, who, at that time, was not even a friend. His team managed to change her room discreetly to shield her from further harassment.

Speculations and Social Media Frenzy

The unverified nominations video has ignited a frenzy on social media, with fans and followers speculating on who might face elimination next. The suspense is palpable as the housemates await Bigg Boss’s official announcement. The unexpected twists and turns in the nominations process have become a hallmark of Bigg Boss Tamil 7, keeping audiences hooked week after week.

Conclusion: Unpredictability Continues

As Bigg Boss Tamil 7 embraces Week 12, the aftermath of the double elimination lingers. The nominations drama adds an extra layer of uncertainty. The emotional revelation from Vichithra brings attention to the broader issues within the entertainment industry. With the house in turmoil and contestants on edge, the only certainty is that Bigg Boss has more surprises in store.

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