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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Contestants Aparna Mulberry Biography

From Ashram to Bigg Boss: The Inspiring Journey of Aparna Mulberry

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Contestant: Aparna Mulberry Biography

Aparna Mulberry

Aparna Mulberry, an American-Indian content creator and influencer, has made significant waves on social media with her unique blend of English lessons and Malayalam comedy performances. With a following of over a million across various platforms, Aparna’s vibrant personality and cross-cultural experiences have resonated with many. Her participation in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 brought her into the limelight, showcasing her multifaceted talents to a broader audience. This biography delves into Aparna’s fascinating life journey, her career achievements, and her impact as a social media influencer.

Early Life and Background

Aparna Mulberry was born in the United States in 1991 to a culturally rich and diverse family. Her maternal family had a history marked by significant movements and resilience. They moved from Chile to Argentina during Pinochet’s dictatorship, later fleeing to Germany. This multicultural background influenced Aparna’s upbringing and worldview.

Aparna’s mother fell in love with India during a visit, leading to her parents meeting and marrying in the 1990s. They subsequently moved to the US, where Aparna was born. When she was two years old, her parents, driven by her father’s work as a psychic reader, traveled extensively across Europe. During their travels, they decided to settle in India, specifically at the Amritapuri Ashram in Kerala, when Aparna was three years old.

Growing up in the serene and spiritual environment of the ashram had a profound impact on Aparna. Her father returned to the US, but her mother chose to stay in India, dedicating herself to raising Aparna in Kerala. Aparna spent her formative years in India, from age three to fifteen, immersing herself in the local culture and learning Malayalam, which would later become a significant part of her identity and career.

Education and Early Career

At the age of fifteen, Aparna moved back to the United States, where she continued her education. Her experiences in India and the US provided her with a unique perspective, blending Eastern and Western cultures seamlessly. Aparna completed her college education in the US, equipping herself with skills and knowledge that would later prove invaluable in her professional life.

Aparna’s career began in the corporate sector, where she held various roles that honed her expertise in sales, social media management, and content creation. Her professional journey includes:

  • Sales Manager and Online Content Moderator at Matrack Inc. (July 2017 – Present)
  • Social Media Manager (Contract Basis) at Sacred Source Botanicals LLC (June 2019 – Present)
  • Social Media Marketing Consultant at Nathan Garnett Consulting (August 2015 – February 2022)
  • Loan Servicing Agent at Sequoia Mortgage Capital, Inc. (April 2017 – February 2022)
  • Social Media Manager at Woman UnRuled (September 2019 – February 2022)

Aparna’s diverse roles across different companies reflect her versatility and capability in managing various aspects of digital marketing and content creation.

Founding Ave Digital and Social Media Influence

In December 2019, Aparna founded ‘Ave Digital,’ a full-service marketing agency that provides a wide range of digital marketing solutions. Her entrepreneurial venture was a natural progression, given her extensive experience and innovative approach to social media.

Aparna’s influence on social media is substantial. She is best known for her engaging English lessons and humorous Malayalam content. Her unique approach to blending education with entertainment has garnered her a significant following. Aparna’s Instagram handle, “inverted coconut,” reflects her playful and creative personality. With over 858k followers on Instagram and 223k followers on Facebook, she has built a strong and engaged community.

Her content is not only entertaining but also educational, making learning enjoyable for her audience. Aparna is also well-versed in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Malayalam, and Pig Latin, which adds a unique dimension to her content.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4

Aparna Mulberry’s participation in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 in March 2022 marked a significant milestone in her career. The reality show, known for its intense dynamics and diverse contestants, provided Aparna with a platform to reach an even wider audience. Her presence on the show showcased her adaptability, resilience, and ability to connect with people from different backgrounds.

During her time on Bigg Boss, Aparna’s genuine and relatable personality won her many fans. She used the platform to share her life experiences, cultural insights, and personal challenges, endearing her to viewers. Aparna’s journey on the show was marked by her positive attitude, problem-solving skills, and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

Personal Life and Interests

Aparna Mulberry’s personal life is as vibrant as her professional one. She is a compassionate animal lover and often shares pictures and videos of her pet dog, Yogi, on social media. Her love for animals is evident in her frequent posts advocating for animal welfare and sharing adorable moments with her pet.

In addition to her love for animals, Aparna is passionate about languages and culture. Her ability to speak multiple languages fluently has not only enhanced her content but also allowed her to connect with a diverse audience. Aparna’s multicultural background and experiences living in different countries, including the US, India, Spain, and France, have enriched her worldview and content creation.

Awards, Certifications, and Recognitions

Aparna Mulberry’s professional journey is marked by several certifications and awards that highlight her dedication and expertise:

  • TESOL Certification issued by International Open Academy (No expiration date)
  • Presidency Award for Service issued by AmeriCorps NCCC
  • Social Media Marketing Skills Test issued by Upwork

These certifications underscore her commitment to continuous learning and excellence in her field.

Overcoming Challenges

Aparna’s journey has not been without challenges. In a candid conversation with a media house, she shared her experiences of being bullied at school in Kerala due to language barriers. However, her determination to learn Malayalam helped her overcome this challenge and build lasting friendships with her classmates. Aparna’s resilience and ability to adapt to new environments have been key factors in her success.

Teaching and Community Engagement

Aparna Mulberry’s passion for teaching and community engagement is evident in her work with, where she started teaching the English language in May 2021. Her innovative teaching methods and engaging content have helped many learners improve their language skills. Aparna’s commitment to education and community building is a testament to her desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives.


Aparna Mulberry’s life journey is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and the pursuit of one’s passions. From her early years in the spiritual environment of Amritapuri Ashram to her dynamic career as a social media influencer and content creator, Aparna has continuously evolved and embraced new challenges. Her participation in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 further showcased her multifaceted personality and ability to connect with a wide audience.

Aparna’s story is one of cultural fusion, educational innovation, and a deep commitment to personal growth and community engagement. As she continues to inspire and entertain her followers, Aparna Mulberry remains a shining example of how diverse experiences and a positive outlook can lead to a fulfilling and impactful life.

Name: Aparna Mulberry

Other Name:  Aparna

Evicted: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 – Evicted Day 56

Season Host: Mohanlal

Network: Asianet Disney+ Hotstar

Number of Days: 100

Number of Contestants: 20

Premier Date: 27 March – 3 July 2022

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): November 16, 1991

Birth Place: Portland, Oregon, United States

Settled Place: Kerala, India

Profession/Occupation: Content Creator

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing from School of Business, Portland State University



Spouse: Amrita Sri






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