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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Contestants Angel Thomas Biography

Angel Thomas: From Fashion Designer to Bigg Boss Malayalam Sensation

Angel Thomas: The Multi-Talented Star of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

Angel Thomas


Angel Thomas, a name that resonates with versatility and talent, made a significant impact on the audience as a wild card contestant in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3. Born as Timy Susan Thomas, she has worn many hats in her career, including fashion designer, model, actor, and aviation lecturer. This blog delves into the fascinating journey of Angel Thomas, exploring her early life, education, career, and her remarkable stint in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3.

Early Life and Education

Angel Thomas, also known by her nicknames Jinn and Mrs. J., Haley Quinn, and Molooty, was born on February 9 in Alleppey, Kerala. She grew up in a supportive and nurturing environment that encouraged her diverse interests. Her schooling took place at Baker Memorial Girls’ HSS Kottayam School and St. Mary’s High School in Kerala from 2010 to 2012.

Angel’s quest for knowledge didn’t stop there. She attended Orbit Computer Education School in Alappuzha, Kerala, and later went to Vivekanandha College for Women in Kerala. Her thirst for education and self-improvement led her to Remo International College in Chennai, where she pursued a graduation in graphic design, web design, video editing, animation, and marketing from 2013 to 2016. Additionally, she holds a BSc in Costume and Fashion Designing and a Diploma in Cabin Crew.

Early Career in Modeling and Fashion

Angel Thomas began her career as a model, participating in various local beauty pageants. Her striking looks and confidence on stage quickly caught the eye of many. In 2017, she was declared the second runner-up in the Lulu Maker fashion show, a notable achievement that marked her entry into the modeling world. Her prowess on the ramp continued to shine as she won the Miss Beauty title in the beauty pageant ‘Miss Super Globe India.’

Her modeling career took off as she worked for several TV commercials and print advertisements for brands like BLACKoGraphy, Sparkles Bridal Boutique, Clouds Event Management, and Seematti. Angel has walked the ramp in many popular fashion shows, including Kochi Fashion Week, Global Fashion Week, and Signature 19, where her poise and elegance captivated audiences.

A Career in Aviation

On January 22, 2018, Angel joined the Vims Group of Aviation in Kochi as a lecturer. Her knowledge and passion for aviation, coupled with her charismatic teaching style, made her a beloved instructor. Her role as an aviation lecturer added another dimension to her multifaceted career, showcasing her ability to excel in diverse fields.

Acting and Web Series

Angel’s foray into acting saw her appear in the Malayalam web series ‘Pregly Things’ in 2020. Her performance in the series was well-received, adding to her growing repertoire of talents. She has also been featured in several music videos, including ‘Love is Forever’ (Tamil; 2019) and ‘Dark Angel’ (Malayalam; 2020), further establishing her as a versatile performer.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

In 2021, Angel Thomas entered the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 house as a wild card contestant. Her entry into the house brought a fresh wave of energy and excitement. Known for her strong personality and adaptability, Angel quickly became a favorite among viewers. Her ability to handle challenges with grace and her strategic gameplay made her a formidable contestant in the show.

Personal Life and Interests

Angel Thomas’s personal life is as vibrant as her professional one. She has a deep love for languages and is proficient in Korean dialects, Hindi, English, Malayalam, and Tamil. This linguistic ability not only adds to her charm but also makes her a global citizen, able to connect with a diverse range of people.

Beyond her professional commitments, Angel enjoys cooking and exploring different cuisines. Her Instagram account, which has over 25,000 followers, offers a glimpse into her daily life, showcasing her culinary experiments, fashion endeavors, and moments of joy with family and friends.


Angel Thomas’s journey is a testament to her versatility, talent, and determination. From being a successful model and fashion designer to making her mark as an actor and aviation lecturer, she has continuously reinvented herself, breaking barriers and setting new standards. Her stint in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 further highlighted her resilience and strategic acumen, making her a memorable contestant.

As Angel continues to explore new horizons. Her story serves as an inspiration to many aspiring individuals who wish to carve their niche in multiple fields. Her journey reminds us that with passion, hard work, and a willingness to embrace new challenges, one can achieve great heights and leave a lasting impact.

Name: Angel Thomas

Birth Name: Timy Susan Thomas

Other Name: Jinn and Mrs J., Haley Quinn and Molooty

Evicted: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 – Evicted Day 28

Season Host: Mohanlal

Network: Asianet 

Number of Days: 95

Number of Contestants: 18

Premier Date: 14 February – 20 May 2021

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): February 14, 1995

Birth Place: Alleppey, Kerala, India

Settled Place: Alleppey, Kerala, India

Profession/Occupation: Fashion Designer, Model, Actor, and Aviation Lecturer


  • Graduation in graphic design, web design, video editing, animation, and marketing (2013-2016) BSc in
  • Costume and Fashion Designing 
  • Diploma in Cabin Crew


Siblings: George Thomas (Brother)

Spouse: Unmarried






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