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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Contestants Shankar Ashwath Biography

Delving into the Life of Shankar Ashwath: From Mysore to Bollywood

Shankar Ashwath: The Veteran of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8

Shankar Ashwath

Discover the remarkable journey of Shankar Ashwath, a versatile actor known for his captivating performances in Hindi TV serials and South Indian films, as he steps into the spotlight of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8.

Early Life and Education

Born in the culturally rich city of Mysore, Karnataka, in 1958, Shankar Ashwath inherited a passion for acting from his father, the legendary Kannada film actor KS Ashwath. Shankar received his primary and secondary education in Mysore before pursuing his high school education at Sharada Vilas High School.

Academic Pursuits and Career Beginnings

After completing high school, Shankar Ashwath enrolled at JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore, in 1978, where he obtained a diploma certificate in pharmacy in 1980. Despite his academic achievements, Shankar felt drawn to the world of cinema, inspired by his father’s illustrious career in the film industry.

Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Shankar Ashwath’s journey in the film industry commenced in 1996, marking the beginning of a prolific career spanning over two decades. With each role, Shankar showcased his remarkable talent and versatility, earning him recognition and acclaim in both Hindi TV serials and South Indian films.

Notable Works and Contributions

Throughout his career, Shankar Ashwath has graced the silver screen with memorable performances in several successful films, including “Nandi” (2002), “Malla” (2004), “Raj the Showman” (2009), and the critically acclaimed “Rangi Taranga” (2015). Despite his stellar contributions to the industry, Shankar believes he has yet to receive the recognition he deserves.

Challenges and Perspectives

Despite his immense talent and dedication, Shankar Ashwath acknowledges the challenges he faces in the industry, particularly due to ageism and the generation gap prevalent in the film fraternity. Nevertheless, Shankar remains undeterred, continuing to pursue his passion for acting with unwavering determination.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Journey

In a bold move, Shankar Ashwath stepped into the realm of reality television by participating in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8. His presence on the show has captivated audiences, offering viewers a glimpse into the life and personality of this seasoned actor beyond the silver screen.

Name: Shankar Ashwath

Other Name: Ravi

Evicted: Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 – Evicted Day 35

Season Host: Kiccha Sudeepa

Network: Colors Kannada Voot Select

Number of Days: 120

Number of Contestants: 20

Premier Date: 28 February – 8 August 2021

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): 1958

Birth Place: Mysore, Karnataka, India

Settled Place: Mysore, Karnataka, India

Profession/Occupation: Actor, Cab Driver

Education: Diploma in Pharmacy

Parents: KS Ashwath (Father), Sharadamma (Mother)

Siblings: Subbukrishna Ashwath (Brother), Vijaya Murthy & Nagarathna Ashwath (Sister)

Spouse: Sudha Shankar Aswath

Children: Skanda R Aswath (Son) 





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