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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Contestants Chandan Achar Biography

Unveiling the Journey of Chandan Achar: From Theatre to Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7

Chandan Achar: Rising Star of Kannada Cinema and Bigg Boss Fame

Chandan Achar

In the vibrant realm of Kannada cinema, certain personalities shine bright, capturing the hearts of audiences with their talent and charisma. Chandan Achar, a versatile actor known for his compelling performances on both stage and screen, stands as a testament to this statement. Join me as we delve into the captivating journey of Chandan Achar, exploring his achievements, career milestones, and his intriguing stint as a contestant on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7.

Chandan Achar: A Glimpse into His Early Life:

Born on August 2, 1990, Chandan Achar hails from Krishnarajanagar Town, Mysore. His passion for the arts blossomed at a young age, leading him to pursue a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Maharaja’s College, Mysore. Chandan’s journey in the world of performing arts began with his training at Mandya Ramesh’s esteemed institute, Natana, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

A Rising Star: Chandan Achar’s Career Trajectory:

Chandan’s ascent in the Kannada film industry is marked by his dedication and talent. He made his debut with a small role in the Diganth starrer “Parijatha” in 2012, setting the stage for his illustrious career ahead. However, it was his portrayal of Alexander Gabriel in the college drama “Kirik Party” (2016) that garnered widespread acclaim, earning him the prestigious SIIMA award for Best Actor in Supporting Role (Male) in 2017.

His subsequent roles in movies like “Mugulu Nage” and “Chemistry of Kariyappa” further solidified his position as a versatile actor capable of delivering nuanced performances across genres. Chandan’s collaboration with industry stalwarts like Rakshit Shetty in “Avane Srimannarayana” and his solo venture in “Mangalavara Rajaadina” showcased his versatility and range as an actor.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7: Chandan Achar’s Tryst with Reality Television:

In 2019, Chandan Achar ventured into the realm of reality television by participating in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7. His journey within the confines of the Bigg Boss house captivated audiences, showcasing different facets of his personality. Though his stint on the show came to an end on the 99th day, Chandan’s presence left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.


As Actor:

  • Veera Parampare (2010)
  • Rambo (2012)
  • Parijatha (2012)
  • Kirik Party (2016)
  • Mugulu Nage (2017)
  • Chemistry of Kariyappa (2019)
  • Avane Srimannarayana (2019)
  • Mangalavara Rajaadina (2021)
  • Bangalore Boys† (2022)

As Singer:

  • Kirik Party (2016)

Awards and Accolades:

Throughout his illustrious career, Chandan Achar has been lauded for his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. Here are some of the notable awards and nominations he has received:

South Indian International Movie Award – SIIMA (2017):

Chandan Achar’s performance in “Kirik Party” earned him the prestigious South Indian International Movie Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male) in 2017. His portrayal of the character Alexander Gabriel left a lasting impression on audiences and critics alike, solidifying his place as a versatile actor in the Kannada film industry.

IIFA Utsavam (Nominated):

In recognition of his outstanding performance in “Kirik Party,” Chandan Achar received a nomination for the IIFA Utsavam Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male). While he didn’t clinch the award, his nomination speaks volumes about his talent and contribution to the film.

Chandan Achar’s accolades serve as a testament to his prowess as an actor and his ability to breathe life into diverse characters on screen. With each performance, he continues to captivate audiences and carve a niche for himself in the realm of Kannada cinema.


Chandan Achar’s journey from a small-town boy with big dreams to an acclaimed actor and reality television star is nothing short of inspiring. His passion, dedication, and talent continue to pave the way for his success in the Kannada film industry and beyond. As we eagerly anticipate his future projects, one thing remains certain – Chandan Achar is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.

Name: Chandan Achar

Other Name: Chandan

Evicted: Bigg Boss Kannada season 7 – Evicted Day 98

Season Host: Kiccha Sudeepa

Network: Colors Kannada

Number of Days: 112

Number of Contestants: 20

Premier Date: 13 October 2019 – 2 February 2020

Prize Money:

Other Prizes (if any):

Date of Birth (DOB): August 2, 1993

Birth Place: Krishnarajanagar Town, Mysore

Settled Place: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Profession/Occupation: Actor

Education: Journalism and Mass Communication Department at Maharaja’s College, Mysore

Parents: Pushpalatha (Mother)








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