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Bigg Boss Hindi Season Host Arshad Warsi

Bigg Boss Hindi Season Host Arshad WarsiName: Arshad Warsi

Network: Sony Entertainment Television (SET)

Number of Days: 86

Number of Housemates: 15

Premier Date: 3 November 2006

Finale Date: 26 January 2007

Host Bigg Boss:  Season 1 

Real Name: Arshad Hussain Warsi

Date of Birth (DOB): 19 April 1968

Birth Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Settled Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


  • Barnes School & Junior College, Devlali, Nashik district, Maharashtra.

Parents: Ahmed Ali Khan (Father).

Siblings: Anwar Hussain (Stepbrother), Reshma and Asha Sachdev (Stepsisters)

Spouse: Maria Goretti (Blogger and a Former VJ)

Marriage Date:  14 February 1999.

Children:  Zeke (son) and, Zene Zoe(daughter).

Children Birth Date: 10 August 2004 (son), and 2 May 2007 (daughter) .


Bigg Boss Hindi Season is a popular reality TV show that captivates audiences with its drama, entertainment, and unique concept. One of the notable seasons featured actor Arshad Warsi as the host. In this note, we will explore Arshad Warsi’s role as the host of Bigg Boss Hindi Season and highlight his contributions to the show.

1. Arshad Warsi: An Accomplished Actor:
Arshad Warsi is a versatile actor known for his exceptional performances in Bollywood films. From his breakthrough role in “Munna Bhai MBBS” to his comic timing in the “Golmaal” series, Warsi has displayed his acting prowess across various genres. His charisma and ability to engage with the audience made him a suitable choice for hosting Bigg Boss Hindi Season.

2. Hosting Style:
As the host of Bigg Boss Hindi Season, Arshad Warsi brought his unique hosting style to the show. He seamlessly blended humor, wit, and spontaneity, keeping the viewers entertained throughout the season. Warsi’s ability to engage with the contestants and navigate the complexities of the show contributed to its success.

3. Connecting with Contestants:
One of the essential aspects of hosting Bigg Boss is building a connection with the contestants. Arshad Warsi excelled in this aspect, establishing a rapport with the participants and creating an environment where they felt comfortable sharing their thoughts and emotions. His empathetic approach added a human touch to the show, making it relatable for the audience.

4. Handling Controversies:
Bigg Boss Hindi Season is known for its controversies and heated arguments among the contestants. As the host, Arshad Warsi displayed finesse in handling these situations. He maintained a fair and unbiased stance while mediating conflicts, ensuring that the show’s integrity was preserved. His ability to defuse tense situations and steer the show in a positive direction garnered appreciation from the audience.

5. Entertainment Quotient:
Arshad Warsi’s presence as the host added an extra layer of entertainment to Bigg Boss Hindi Season. With his quick wit, humorous one-liners, and engaging interactions, he brought a light-hearted atmosphere to the show. Warsi’s knack for keeping the audience entertained throughout the episodes contributed significantly to the show’s popularity.






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