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Bigg Boss Hindi 17: Khanzaadi’s Elimination Drama, Spills the Beans on Alleged Romantic Angle with Abhishek Kumar

Khanzaadi's Exit Raises Eyebrows - Did She Fake the Romance?

Bigg Boss Hindi 17: Khanzaadi’s Elimination

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar witnessed. The unexpected Khanzaadi’s Elimination of the vibrant and controversial contestant. Her journey inside the Bigg Boss house has been peppered with headlines. It’s primarily surrounding her alleged romantic involvement with fellow contestant Abhishek Kumar. As Khanzaadi bids farewell to the game, she leaves behind a trail of questions and revelations. In an exclusive interview, she sheds light on her elimination, the supposed romance, and her plans.

Bigg Boss Hindi 17: Khanzaadi's Elimination

Khanzaadi’s Elimination Drama

On the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan dropped a bombshell by announcing Khanzaadi’s elimination. The rapper, who had been in the spotlight for her alleged romance with Abhishek Kumar, faced stiff competition against Vicky, Neil, and Abhishek in the race for popularity. The elimination process involved a nerve-wracking task where contestants had to press a buzzer. The consequences of which would affect the entire house.

Abhishek Kumar managed to secure his place in the game, but Salman revealed that he was already safe. The host then declared Khanzaadi’s name, leading to her elimination. Emotional moments unfolded as Abhishek Kumar and other housemates reacted to the unexpected exit, leaving fans curious about the real dynamics at play.

The Revelation: Genuine Feelings or Game Strategy?

In a post-elimination interview with Pinkvilla, Khanzaadi addressed the burning question – was her alleged romance with Abhishek Kumar a game strategy or did it hold genuine feelings? The rapper candidly stated, “It just happened and doesn’t mean that we were trying to make any relationship or romantic angle for the game.”

She clarified that both she and Abhishek Kumar share genuine feelings for each other. The unexpected nature of their connection was emphasized, dispelling rumors that the romance was a calculated move for garnering attention on the reality show.

The Emotional Fallout of Khanzaadi’s Exit

As Khanzaadi bid adieu to the Bigg Boss house, emotions ran high. Abhishek Kumar, visibly moved by her departure, tearfully asked her to wait for him outside. The sincerity of their bond, whether friendship or more, became a focal point of discussion. Anurag Dobhal, too, couldn’t hold back tears over Khanzaadi’s eviction, signaling the impact she had on the house dynamics.

Looking Beyond Bigg Boss: Khanzaadi’s Future Plans

In the Pinkvilla interview, Khanzaadi delved into her plans post-Bigg Boss. She revealed that both she and Abhishek Kumar were certain they wouldn’t take their connection forward on the show. While Abhishek expressed doubts about a future together, Khanzaadi stated that she prefers going with the flow.

Addressing speculations that their romance was a ploy for the show. Khanzaadi reiterated that they were not attempting to create a love angle for the sake of TRPs. When asked about her interest in pursuing a connection with Abhishek Kumar in the outside world, given his apparent anger issues, Khanzaadi admitted she wouldn’t be okay “dating-wise” but expressed a desire to meet the actor post his Bigg Boss stint.

Conclusion: Unraveling the Khanzaadi-Abhishek Saga

As Khanzaadi exits the Bigg Boss 17 stage, her elimination raises questions about the authenticity of her alleged romance with Abhishek Kumar. The emotional farewells, tears, and the revelation of genuine feelings add layers to the drama unfolding inside the house. The post-elimination interview provides a peek into Khanzaadi’s perspective, leaving viewers intrigued about what lies ahead for the rapper and her tumultuous connection with Abhishek Kumar.

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