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Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 90 Promo: Isha Unleashes Verbal Attack on Abhishek – Mother’s Entry Brings Shocking Revelations

Unraveling the Explosive Confrontation and the Unexpected Turn of Events in the Bigg Boss 17 House

Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 90 Promo

Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 70 Promo

In the volatile realm of ‘Bigg Boss Hindi 17 Day 90 Promo’, where emotions run high and confrontations are a daily affair, the latest promo for the January 12 episode promises another explosive showdown. Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar, entangled in a tumultuous history, find themselves at the center of a heated altercation. As Isha crosses boundaries, hurling abuses at Abhishek, the drama reaches its zenith. However, the unexpected entry of Abhishek’s mother into the Bigg Boss house adds a new layer to the narrative, exposing hidden truths and delivering a stern warning.

The Isha-Abhishek Saga Continues: A Dirty Fight Unveils in Bigg Boss 17

Despite Salman Khan’s efforts during ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, tensions between Isha Malviya, Samarth, and Abhishek Kumar refuse to subside. The trio, known for their fiery exchanges, once again finds themselves embroiled in a bitter quarrel post the weekend’s events. With ‘Bigg Boss Hindi 17’ hurtling towards the grand finale, the stakes are higher than ever, and the tussle for supremacy intensifies.

Promo Unveiled: Isha Provokes Abhishek Over an Apple

The makers dropped a tantalizing promo for the upcoming January 12 episode, offering a glimpse into the brewing conflict between Isha and Abhishek. The spark ignites over a seemingly innocent apple, leading to a war of words that quickly spirals out of control. Ankita, trying to diffuse the situation, instructs Abhishek to retrieve an apple. However, Isha jumps into the fray, setting the stage for a dramatic showdown.

Verbal Sparring: Isha’s Provocation and Abhishek’s Warning

As the argument unfolds, Ankita instructs Abhishek to fetch an apple that lies behind her. Abhishek, complying with the request, reveals that he had strategically placed it to conceal any dirt. Isha, seizing the opportunity, taunts Abhishek by suggesting she will expose the dirt. The situation escalates rapidly as Abhishek warns Isha against mocking him. Both Isha and Samarth join forces, intensifying the verbal confrontation. It reaches a point where Isha resorts to using abusive language against Abhishek.

Mother’s Entry: Abhishek’s Emotional Reunion and Shocking Revelations

In a surprising turn of events, Abhishek’s mother makes a dramatic entry into the Bigg Boss house. Overwhelmed with emotion, Abhishek embraces his mother, breaking into tears. Seizing the moment, Abhishek’s mother takes the reins and addresses Isha. She recounts past incidents, mentioning how Uncle (presumably Abhishek’s uncle) was distressed witnessing Abhishek being slapped or the TV being broken. She emphasizes that they are playing a game inside and advises against dragging external matters into the Bigg Boss house.

Unveiling the Past: Isha and Abhishek’s Complicated History

The tension between Isha and Abhishek is rooted in their history, particularly during their time on ‘Udaariyaan’. The two were once romantically involved but underwent a tumultuous breakup. The feud started right at the premiere of ‘Bigg Boss Hindi 17’, and their conflicts have been a recurring spectacle inside the Bigg Boss house.

Conclusion: The Unpredictable Trajectory of Bigg Boss 17 Continues

As ‘Bigg Boss Hindi 17’ hurtles through its episodes, each moment becomes a piece in the larger puzzle leading to the grand finale. The explosive confrontation between Isha and Abhishek, compounded by the unexpected entry of Abhishek’s mother, adds layers of complexity to an already tumultuous season. As fans eagerly await the next episode, the dynamics inside the Bigg Boss house remain unpredictable, ensuring an exhilarating journey towards the culmination of ‘Bigg Boss Hindi 17’.

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