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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Prince Yavar’s Emotional Reunion with His Brother

Suja Ahmed's Surprise Entry Brings Love, Advice, and a Fiery Motivation Boost for Yavar in the Bigg Boss House

Prince Yavar’s Emotional Reunion with his Brother

The Bigg Boss 7 Telugu house witnessed a surge of emotions and a renewed sense of determination as Prince Yavar’s Emotional Reunion with his elder brother, Suja Ahmed, made a surprise entry. The unexpected reunion brought tears, love, and a pep talk that promised to rekindle the fading flame within Yavar. Let’s delve into the impactful moments that unfolded during this heartfelt family visit.

Prince Yavar’s Emotional Reunion: A Brother’s Love

Prince Yavar's Emotional Reunion with his Brother

As Suja Ahmed stepped into the Bigg Boss house, his affectionate greeting to Prince Yavar echoed with genuine emotion. “Mera bachcha, kaise hoo” (My baby, how are you), he said, holding Yavar in a tight embrace. Overwhelmed with emotions, Yavar fell to his elder brother’s legs, expressing his well-being but also revealing an underlying fear. The brotherly love shared between them set the stage for a deeply moving encounter.

Heartfelt Expressions:

In a touching display of affection, Yavar kissed his elder brother and shed tears, releasing the pent-up emotions that had accumulated over weeks of separation. Suja Ahmed’s presence brought solace to Yavar, and the genuine connection between the two was evident to everyone in the Bigg Boss house.

Expressing Gratitude:

Suja Ahmed extended his love not only to Yavar but to everyone in the house. He tightly embraced Shivaji, expressing deep emotions and emphasizing the bond of brotherhood. Grateful for the support and guidance Yavar received, Suja Ahmed thanked Gautham, acknowledging the collective effort in the Bigg Boss journey.

A Mother’s Missed Presence:

Acknowledging Yavar’s longing for his mother, Suja Ahmed shared heartfelt sentiments. He revealed that Yavar dearly missed their mother and expressed gratitude to Gautham for being supportive during his absence. The emotional connection between Yavar and Suja Ahmed tugged at the heartstrings of the contestants and viewers alike.

Motivational Boost for Yavar:

Taking Yavar aside, Suja Ahmed assumed the role of a motivator, igniting a spark that seemed to have dimmed in the past weeks. Addressing Yavar as a fighter and a tiger, Suja Ahmed encouraged his brother to reclaim his focus and fight like a true competitor. He emphasized the desire for the winner’s cup and urged Yavar to concentrate, rekindle his fighting spirit, and avoid being sidelined in the game.

Expressing a slight disappointment in Yavar’s recent performances, Suja Ahmed shared his observations. “Lately, I feel a little sad after watching your game,” he admitted, setting the stage for a transformative pep talk. Suja Ahmed wanted to see the fiery Yavar, the fighter who had captured hearts earlier in the season.

A Pledge for Victory:

In a powerful moment, Suja Ahmed requested Yavar to pledge in front of everyone that he would fight like a true fighter. The call for Yavar to retain his innocence, love, and unique identity reverberated through the Bigg Boss house. The motivational speech concluded with Suja Ahmed’s directive: “Don’t give up your innocence and your love. You will go far. Don’t change your path anywhere.”

The motivational boost injected newfound enthusiasm into Yavar, who was visibly moved by his brother’s words. The determination to fight like a true contestant and the eagerness to prove himself again radiated from Yavar’s renewed spirit.

Yavar’s Emotional Moments:

Overwhelmed by the emotional reunion and the impactful words from his brother, Yavar shared tearful moments with Shivaji. Seeking comfort, Yavar expressed his longing for his mother and the emotional burden he carried. Suja Ahmed, sensing his brother’s vulnerability, encouraged him not to cry, assuring Yavar that he was there for him.

In a poignant exchange with Shivaji, Yavar sought solace and understanding. Suja Ahmed reassured Yavar, saying, “Don’t cry. You are very strong. Show everyone that you are strong.” The emotional moments underscored the power of familial bonds and the resilience that Yavar carried within.

Suja Ahmed’s Gratitude:

As Suja Ahmed prepared to leave the Bigg Boss house, he expressed his gratitude to everyone. He acknowledged that everyone, except Yavar, seemed concentrated on the game. Encouraging Yavar to regain his focus and authenticity, Suja Ahmed emphasized, “I don’t see the Yavar I saw before. Now you are like a puppet, walking around listening to other people’s words. Be like Yavar. Be like Yavar who likes Jana.”

In a final moment of pride and love, Suja Ahmed bid farewell, saying, “I am proud to say that, Baibai.”


Suja Ahmed’s surprise entry into the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu house marked a turning point, breathing new life into Prince Yavar’s spirit. The emotional reunion, the brotherly advice, and the fiery motivational boost created ripples of transformation within Yavar. The impact of Suja Ahmed’s visit is poised to reshape Yavar’s journey in the Bigg Boss house, reigniting the passion and determination that initially defined him as a strong contender.

As the contestants continue to navigate the challenges and twists within the Bigg Boss house, Suja Ahmed’s pep talk stands as a testament to the enduring power of family, love, and support in the face of adversity.

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