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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 15th Week Voting Results: Final Countdown!

The Final Countdown: Here are the voting percentages and counts for each contestant as we head into the grand finale.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 15th Week Voting Results

The climax of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is upon us, and the final week is proving to be an absolute nail-biter. As fans across the nation eagerly cast their votes for their favorite contestants, the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 15th Week voting results are in! Let’s delve into the numbers and see who’s leading the race as we approach the grand finale.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 15th Week Voting Results

15th Week Voting Results: The Verdict:

The voting percentages and counts for each contestant are crucial indicators of their popularity and support from the audience. Here’s a breakdown of the 15th-week voting results:

Pallavi Prashanth – 37% (1,07,049 votes):

Pallavi Prashanth emerges as the frontrunner with a staggering 37% of the votes. Her fan base has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, rallying behind her in this crucial final week.

Sivaji – 11% ( 34,488 votes):

Sivaji secured a solid 11% of the votes, showcasing a significant following. His performance throughout the season has garnered commendable support from viewers.

Prince Yawar – 6% (18,871 votes):

Prince Yawar maintains a strong position with 6% of the votes. The young contestant has managed to capture the hearts of the audience, making his presence felt in the competition.

Amardeep – 38% (1,12,685):

Amardeep’s journey has resonated with fans, earning him 38% of the votes. The dynamic contestant has navigated the ups and downs of the Bigg Boss house, leaving a lasting impression.

Arjun – 3% (10,341 votes):

Arjun, with 3% of the votes, continues to enjoy support from viewers. While his percentage may be lower, every vote counts in this decisive final week.

Priyanka – 2% (6,970 votes):

Priyanka, with 2% of the votes, is still in the running, showcasing the diversity of fan preferences. Despite the lower percentage, her journey in the Bigg Boss house has been noteworthy.

Stay Updated – Live Voting Results:

The dynamics of the voting percentages may shift as the final week progresses. Stay tuned to our blog for live updates on the 15th-week voting results. We’ll keep you informed about any developments and surprises in this high-stakes voting showdown.


The grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is just around the corner, and the 15th-week voting results have added an extra layer of excitement. As fans continue to rally behind their favorite contestants, the race to the finish line is intensifying. Keep following our blog for real-time updates and exclusive insights into the gripping world of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7. Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 15th Week Voting Results December 13, 2023.

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