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Bigg Boss 17 Hindi 14th Week Voting Results: Who’s in Danger?

After Samarth Jurel's Exit, Bigg Boss 17 Witnesses Intense Week 14 Voting Drama. Ayesha Khan Surges, Ankita Lokhande Clings, and Vicky Jain, Isha Malviya Fight for Survival. Dive into the Rollercoaster of Eviction Nominations!

Bigg Boss 17 Hindi 14th Week Voting Results

The dust has barely settled after Samarth Jurel bid adieu to the Bigg Boss 17 house, leaving behind a trail of emotions and suspense. As we step into Bigg Boss 17 Hindi 14th Week, the competition intensifies, and the game takes an unexpected turn. With only eight contestants remaining, the fight for survival becomes fiercer, as evidenced by the thrilling nominations and the jaw-dropping voting results.

Bigg Boss 17 Hindi 14th Week Voting Results

Unveiling the Nominated Contenders: Battle for Survival Heats Up

In the aftermath of Samarth Jurel’s departure, the housemates brace themselves for the next round of nominations. With the stakes higher than ever, every move becomes crucial to secure a coveted spot in the top 5. The tension reaches its peak as four contestants face the looming threat of eviction in Week 14.

Powerful Nominations for Week 14: Ankita, Vicky, Ayesha, and Isha in the Line of Fire

The nominations for Week 14 reveal a power-packed lineup of contestants on the chopping block. The names are

  • Ankita Lokhande
  • Vicky Jain
  • Ayesha Khan
  • Isha Malviya.

The battlefield is set, and each contender gears up for the ultimate showdown, knowing that their fate hangs in the balance.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Results: Unveiling the Verdict

Ankita Lokhande – 18% (3015 votes)
Vicky Jain – 9% (1487 votes)
Ayesha Khan – 58% (9449 votes)
Isha Malviya – 13% (2167 votes)

The Drama Unfolds Anticipation for the Eviction Night:

As the Week 14 voting drama unfolds. The Bigg Boss 17 house is set for a riveting eviction night. Ayesha Khan‘s dominance, Ankita Lokhande’s fan-powered rally, and the struggle for survival between Vicky Jain and Isha Malviya create an air of anticipation and excitement. The countdown to eviction night begins.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead for Bigg Boss 17 Week 14:

Week 14 of Bigg Boss 17 promises a whirlwind of emotions, alliances, and challenges as the contestants navigate the turbulent waters of eviction. With Ayesha Khan leading the charge, Ankita Lokhande defying the odds, and Vicky Jain and Isha Malviya locked in a survival struggle, the road ahead is filled with uncertainties. As fans brace for the impending eviction, the housemates prepare for the ultimate test in their quest for the top 5.

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