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Bigg Boss 17 Hindi 12th Week Elimination : Aoora’s Eviction, and Fun-Filled Journey Inside BB House

Unveiling the Candid Moments and Controversies from Aoora's Bigg Boss 17 Stint

Aoora’s Eviction

Bigg Boss 17 Hindi 12th Week Elimination: Aoora’s Eviction

As Bigg Boss 17 hurtles towards its nail-biting finale, the recent eviction of Aoora has stirred quite a buzz. The Korean sensation bid adieu to the BB 17 house, leaving behind a trail of revelations and controversies. In an exclusive appearance on Bigg Buzz, Aoora spilled the beans on his rollercoaster journey, his equations with fellow contestants, and dropped a bombshell about his hypothetical marriage plans. Brace yourselves for an in-depth dive into the shocking revelations that unfolded post-Aoora’s eviction.

Aoora’s Eviction: A Happy Farewell

The journey inside the Bigg Boss 17 house may have come to an end for Aoora, but he leaves with a smile. In a candid reflection on his eviction, Aoora expressed, “I’m feeling very happy. It was an extraordinary journey.” The K-pop sensation reminisced about the initial fun-filled weeks, highlighting the shift in dynamics as the competition heated up. His unique perspective, viewing Bigg Boss through social media platforms, added an interesting layer to his experience.

Equations and Estrangements: Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar

Aoora’s interactions within the BB 17 house were a blend of sweetness and strife. Speaking about Isha Malviya, Aoora praised her, stating, “Isha is a very good girl. She used to make me sweet parathas.” However, the equation took a turn with Abhishek Kumar. Aoora admitted, “After nominating Abhishek, our relationship is not very good. I said sorry and told him that I’ll be out before you.” The house dynamics, as always, had its share of ups and downs.

Ayesha Khan’s Language Barrier Controversy: Aoora Speaks Out

In an unexpected turn, Aoora shed light on his tumultuous relationship with Ayesha Khan. He disclosed, “I fought with Ayesha a lot. She used to talk to me in Hindi even when I told her I don’t understand her.” Aoora’s frustration with Ayesha allegedly purposefully speaking in Hindi despite the language barrier became a talking point. The controversies inside the BB 17 house seemed to know no bounds.

Aoora’s Quirky Marriage Plans: Ankita Lokhande or Vicky Jain?

In a moment that left everyone in splits, Aoora revealed his whimsical marriage plans. When asked who he would marry given the chance, Aoora cheekily responded, “If I had the chance, I would want to marry either Vicky or Ankita as they are very rich.” His humorous take on Ankita Lokhande’s high-brand accessories and clothes brought laughter to the Bigg Buzz audience. The revelation concluded with Aoora playfully stating, “I’ll marry him first and then kill him,” adding an unexpected twist to his hypothetical marriage proposal.

Tune into Bigg Buzz for More Unfiltered Moments: Aoora and Chugli Dadi’s Banter

For those hungry for more unfiltered conversations and intriguing revelations, Aoora’s rendezvous with Chugli Dadi on Bigg Buzz promises to be a must-watch. Every Sunday, exclusively on JioCinema, dive into the quirky, humorous, and sometimes controversial dialogues that unfold between Aoora and the candid Chugli Dadi. Bigg Boss Hindi Season 17 Grand Finale Date Revealed.

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